WT4901 - DSC 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

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The WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren is a fully supervised wireless siren designed to work with the Alexor and Impassa Wireless Panels.

Brand: DSC
Part Number: WT4901

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Product Features

  • Siren Output - 85dB
  • Siren sounds for alarms, door chimes, entry/exit delay and troubles
  • Onboard test button
  • Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition
  • Front and back tamper detection
  • Nominal battery life - 2 years
  • Compatible with Alexor and Impassa ONLY

Greater Protection. Complete Security
How would you like a security system that provides complete security via a host of devices, including keypads, sirens, detectors and wireless keys, and also supports GSM and IP communications - all of it wirelessly? DSC's 2-Way Wireless Security Suite delivers just that… and so much more.

Subtle Design with Powerful Communication
The WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren is a fully supervised wireless siren designed to work with the Alexor and Impassa Wireless Panels. With its sleek and modern design, the WT4901 will fit most internal spaces and is unobtrusive to the home environment. Since Alexor is mounted in a secure (but sometimes remote) location within the home, audible indications, via Alexor's onboard siren, regarding alarm triggers or smoke/fire detection may be quieter than what the WT4901 provides. And an indoor siren provides an alert to potential danger before a person moves too far into the home. With its powerful sounder, the WT4901 will annunciate these issues from its remote location but will not indicate the location of the control panel. The WT4901 also distinguishes between burglar and fire alarm by emitting different sounds for each and indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps and uses multiple door chimes.

Wireless Offers Quick Installation & Flexibility
Since the WT4901 is wireless, it can be installed in numerous locations inside the home. And because it's wireless, installation time is quick -with fewer holes to drill- meaning mess-free installs and more installs throughout the day. Secure, Continuous Communication The WT4901 offers 2-Way wireless and continuously supervised communication with the Wireless Panels. The signals between the WT4901 and the panel are fully encrypted, prohibiting unauthorized interruption of communication between the two. If the WT4901 is tampered with, Alexor or the Impassa will immediately be signaled and the appropriate transmission will instantly be transmitted to the monitoring station. Additionally, one of the other sirens (either indoor or outdoor or the onboard siren itself) installed on the system will make up for the absence of the WT4901. Up to four sirens can be installed on the Alexor or Impassa Wireless Panel.

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Additional Info

Part Number WT4901
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Dimensions 3.3"× 5"× 1.1"
(84 mm × 127 mm × 29 mm)
Weight 7.76 oz (220 g)
Output 85dB
Battery 4 AA batteries
Battery Life 2 years (typical usage)
Wireless Range 984ft/300m Nominal Open Air
Operating Environment 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Relative Humidity 90%, Non-condensing