DSC Wireless Smoke Detector

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DSC is proud to introduce the new standard for life safety security, the WS4916 wireless smoke detector with built-in heat detector. This low-profile detector incorporates
Brand: DSC
Part Number: WS4916


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No Hassle, Smart Design

Behind the trusted reputation of DSC, the WS4916 - DSC Wireless Smoke Detector is built with precision, ensuring the ultimate fire alarm safety from a sensor detector. This smoke alarm is wireless, making installation a breeze and allowing you to place or replace it anywhere in both residential and commercial spaces. With its wireless ability and high quality design, its functions are what actually make it stand apart.

Fire Alarm Functions

The WS4916 is a photoelectric smoke detector built to protect families in a home and employees in an office space. A low-end sensor detector will never contain a function like the WS4916's built-in Low Battery Indicator which sounds an audible signal alerting you it's time to change the batteries. This key function keeps your home or business fully protected, all the time.

It doesn't take smoke to set off this alarm. It was designed with a dual sensor Heat Detection Feature. When the smoke detector reads 135deg.F, it will sound the alarm. Fire is detected swiftly whether its smoke has touched the unit or not. The alert device in this smoke alarm is an 85 dB Horn, loud enough to wake up an entire home or office. Also featured is a local test button and automatic drift compensation.

This unit contains Alarm Connectivity to many DSC wireless receivers and alarm control panels. Not only will it stand alone, it will also work side by side with an alarm system and other sensors to protect you, your family or employees from every angle. Avoid the hassle of replacing or trouble-shooting other units and trust the reputation of DSC with the WS4916 - DSC Wireless Smoke Detector.


  • Incorporates automatic drift compensation
  • Low profile design
  • Built-in heat detector - 57deg.C (135deg.F)
  • Local test button
  • Built-in 85 dB horn
  • Easy maintenance replaceable chamber

The WS4916 is compatible with the following receivers:

  • RF5501-433 Fixed-Message LCD Keypad with Integrated Wireless Receiver
  • PC5132-433 Wireless Receiver Zone Expansion Module
  • PC4164-433 433 MHz Wireless Receiver
  • RF5108-433 Wireless Receiver
  • NT9005 EnvoyTM LCD Integrated Wireless Security System

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number WS4916
What's in the box (1) DSC Wireless Smoke Detector
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