Dakota Alert WRH-3000 Wireless Rubber Hose Alert 3000 Driveway Alarm

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Don't be caught unaware by unexpected visitors. The WRH-3000 is a very reliable and easy to install driveway alert. Free Same Day Shipping.
Brand: Dakota Alert
Part Number: WRH-3000

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Dakota Alert



If you want to monitor the parameter of your property and know who is coming or going then Dakota Alert is the way to go. The WRH-3000 is part of Dakota Alert’s Wireless 3000 Series. Dakota Alert has been distributing and manufacturing driveway alarms for over 20 years, making the WRH-3000 one of the most reliable, time tested, and least problematic driveway alarms on the market today.

The WRH-3000 kit includes two parts – a transmitter with a 25 foot rubber hose and a receiver. The concept is simple. Lay the hose across your driveway, or the area that you want monitored, and any time a vehicle enters or leaves, the hose will be squashed sending air pressure to the transmitter which in turn will send a radio signal to the receiver and prompt an audio alert. The transmission range is 600 feet and it should be a clear, secure one with over 250 possible transmission code combinations.

The system is easy to install and easy to code. An 8-page owner’s manual will walk you through the process. You can mount the weather-proof transmitter box to hang on a wooden post or tree next to the driveway. (Please note you should mount the transmitter box about three to four feet above the ground. Furthermore, avoid using steel posts as this may interfere with the radio signal.) Meanwhile, place the receiver inside the home or property and plug it into a standard wall outlet. The receiver can lay flat on a table or it can be mounted on a wall. When the receiver is triggered it will sound one of four different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, or Whistle) for a few seconds. In addition, each receiver comes with volume control.

The transmitter operates off a 9-volt battery (not included) which should last 6 to 12 months. The rubber hose is black and is about a quarter of an inch in radius. The operating range of the rubber hose transmitter is from -30°F to 120°F. Several transmitters can be used with one receiver, making the system great for properties with two driveways.

You can also have extra receivers for additional locations such as a barn or shop. Each receiver is equipped with four form relays (one for each zone), and one 12-volt DC output terminal that will activate for several seconds when a signal is received. The receiver can be user-programmed, so the 12-volt DC terminal and one relay will activate for 10 minutes, if desired. The tones will still sound for several seconds. The WRH-3000 has a one year manufacturer’s warranty

All Dakota Alert 3000 Series accessories are available to be used with the WRH-3000 receiver (WR-3000) and can be seen on the accessory page.

• Please note that for maximum range between the transmitter and receiver, it is recommended that the receiver be mounted horizontally on a wall and as high off the floor as possible.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number WRH-3000
What's in the box (1) WR-3000 Receiver
(1) WHT-3000 Transmitter
(1) AC Adapter
Mounting Hardware
Variant N/A


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