Dakota Alert WMA-3000 Wireless Motion Alert 3000 Driveway Alarm

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WMA-3000 The weatherproof transmitter operates on a single 9-volt battery and is easily mountable on a tree or post near the driveway. The transmitter uses an infrared beam that detects people or vehicles at a distance of up to 80 feet and then sends a radio signal up to 600 feet away to the receiver inside your home. Those looking to expand the unit can add up to FOUR additional transmitters using the same receiver which will allow you to monitor up to four distinct zones. And to avoid confusion, each transmitter can be programmed so as to allow a distinct tone to be played when being sounded-ranging from classical, to Westminster chime, a ding-dong or a whistle. The receiver can be placed on any tabletop, or you can mount it on any wall you desire.
Brand: Dakota Alert
Part Number: WMA-3000

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Dakota Alert



Driveway alarms are stellar upgrades to a home or business security system. Where most alarm accessories will alert you as activity happens, driveway alarms give you a heads up beforehand. The Dakota Alert WMA-3000 Wireless Motion Alert 3000 Driveway Alarm is one of the best warning systems available because it's wireless, it instantly alerts you of intruders from long distances and it can incorporate more transmitters- giving your new perimeter protector seemingly endless capabilities.

There are two parts to the WMA-3000: The weatherproof, high-powered transmitter and the versatile receiver.


Running on a 9 volt battery, the wireless and weatherproof transmitter can easily be mounted on a tree, post or wall. It casts out an invisible PIR (Passive Infrared) beam to up to 80 feet away. When the beam detects people or vehicles, it will instantly send a radio signal that travels up to 600 feet directly to your receiver.


  • Used with the Dakota Alert WR-3000 receiver
  • Uses passive infrared (PIR) detector to detect people, vehicles or large animals at the monitored location
  • Transmitter sends signal to receiver, which will sound one of four different tones for a few seconds.
  • Can be used as a driveway alarm, or in the back yard to monitor around tool sheds or patios.


The receiver plugs into an electrical outlet and is also easily mountable, either on a tabletop or to a wall. It chimes instantly when the transmitter picks up activity and with a 600 foot signal range, you can be in your driveway before a guest even gets out of their car.


  • Can be used with any of the Dakota Alert 3000 series transmitters (WMT-3000, WPT-3000, WHT-3000)
  • Plugs in to standard wall outlet and can be placed on tabletop or mounted on wall
  • Choose between 4 different tones
  • Volume control

More Than Just A Driveway Alarm

Don't be afraid to get creative with this new system. It works as more than just a "driveway" alarm. Use it to protect backyards, garages, entrances and exits, and even pool-area monitoring. You can also incorporate up to 4 transmitters per 1 receiver and when your program them, each chime can be distinct so you know exactly which area of your property was triggered (the 4 choices for alert chimes are: Classical, Westminster Chime, "Ding-Dong," or a Whistle). With cutting-edge technology, you're getting more than just a driveway alarm with the WMA-3000. You're getting a 24/7 pre-alert to any and all activity on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will the signal cut down through walls?
    *The signal is able to reach the receiver as much as a couple hundred feet through walls and terrain. Flatter and less obtrusive terrain will allow the signal to reach a remarkable 600 feet.
  2. How loud is the sound?
    The sound reaches approximately 80 decibels, which is the equivalent of a ringing telephone.
  3. Is there an on and off switch?
    Yes, the on/off switch can be found on the side of the WR-3000 receiver.
  4. What can the relays be used for?
    The relay can be used to connect the base station to other existing systems such as alarm panels or doorbells.
  5. Will animals set it off?
    The WMA-3000 uses a passive infrared beam meant to detect people, vehicles, and/or large animals. An average sized house pet will likely never set off the alarm, but those living in wooded areas where bears or large deer roam freely will find the unit's animal-detection properties beneficial.
  6. Will falling leaves, rain etc. trigger the sensor?
    No. The unit is completely weatherproof, which means that it both sustains against the elements without becoming damaged, and is equipped with sophisticated technology able to decipher between natural events and large objects in motion.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number WMA-3000
What's in the box (1) WMT-3000 Infared Transmitter
(1) WR-3000 Wireless Receiver
(1) 12VDC Adapter
Mounting Hardware
Variant N/A


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