Dakota Alert MAT MURS Alert Transmitter

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The new MURS Alert offers the ability to monitor activity at remote locations. The MURS Alert transmitter utilizes passive infrared sensor technology that will send an aler
Brand: Dakota Alert
Part Number: MAT

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Dakota Alert



Everything from large backyards to two-car driveways are potential hot spots for initial burglar activity. Do you want to know about potential threats ahead of time? The Dakota Alert MAT Murs Alert Transmitter is your first line of defense in perimeter security.

More than just a driveway alarm, this passive infrared transmitter box sends an alert signal to Murs transceivers (M538-HT) immediately after it is triggered and is especially useful for monitoring activity at remote locations. If the MAT is stationed at the edge of your spacious backyard and you're in your bedroom- you'll be alerted. If the MAT is fixed in your driveway and you're out by the pool, you'll be alerted.

The transmitter box shoots out an invisible motion sensor up to 80 feet away and will detect people, vehicles and large animals- day and night. The passive infrared technology of this alarm makes it one of the best and most reliable on the market. It runs on 6 AA batteries and averages a 6 month battery life.

We recommend placing it 3-4 feet high and within 20 feet of the area you want to catch activity for the box to be most effective. Burglars have to pass on to some part of your property before they terrorize your home. Be ready and protected ahead of time with the Murs Alert Transmitter.

Useful For:

  • Large backyards
  • Driveways
  • Construction Sites
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Porches
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    Part Number MAT
    What's in the box (1) Dakota Alert MAT MURS Alert Transmitter
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