Dakota Alert Break Beam Wireless Transmitter

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The BBT-2500 is a solar powered wireless infrared break beam system that is simple to install and requires no wiring. The break beam sensors are powered by lithium ion batteries that are recharged through the solar panels during the day.
Brand: Dakota Alert
Part Number: BBT-2500

Availability: This product has been discontinued.

Dakota Alert



Extra Tansmitters

The BBT-2500 - Dakota Alert Break Beam Wireless Transmitter is an Additional pair of sensors for the BBA-2500 Wireless Break Beam System. Running on solar power, these break beam sensors are especially useful for large territories and work as a trip-wire system and a driveway alarm. They incorporate infrared sensing terminals to cut out all burglar activity from your property.

This break the beam system is powered by lithium ion batteries that recharge through built-in solar panels, which means it works 24/7 nonstop for ultimate security protection. Installation couldn't be more simple: Mount the two transmitters evenly, up to 300 feet apart from each other (the distance of a football field), and connect them to your already existing DCR-2500 receiver (not included) and your laser beam fence is now in operation.

When the beam is broken, the receiver will play one of four different tunes, determined by which zone is disturbed. The point-to-point sensor was built to avoid false alarms, such as wind, leaves falling, or small objects passing through the system so only intruders will cause an alert. You can place the transmitters at any height as well, to avoid it being triggered by small animals in more rural areas. If you keep the transmitters hidden, intruders will never even know that they set off an alarm, unless you want them to. Put control and safety of your life and land back in your hands.

There's no limit when using this product. If you have a large backyard, own a small business with an abundance of land, a ranch, storage lot, car dealership, parking lot or even if you just want surveillance on your driveway and front yard, avoid property damage and secure your perimeter with this sensor kit. Some customers get creative and purchase more than one set, setting them up in a cross beam pattern to close gaps and closely manage their property. Rather than using 4 motion detecting alarm systems that will cover less than one hundred feet, let this one system patrol everything in one place.

Dimensions: Beams (13.25 in x 3.25 in x 2 in).


  • Power Type (included) - Solar/Lithium Ion Rechargeable
  • Detection Type - Infrared Break Beam

Please Note: Compatible with 2500 series systems only

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number BBT-2500
What's in the box (1) Dakota Alert Break Beam Wireless Transmitter
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