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This popular Freeze Alarm calls up to 3 phone numbers and alerts you with a voice message if the temperature gets too low.
Brand: Control Products
Part Number: FA-I-CCA

Availability: This product has been discontinued.

Control Products



The Intermediate FA-I-CCA FreezeAlarm is one of the most popular freeze alarm models for not only home and business owners, but for insurance companies wanting to protect their policy holder’s property. There are no monitoring fees, no installation costs, and the features are many.

First, the Intermediate FreezeAlarm from Control Products, Inc. automatically calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature drops below or above a pre-selected degree, power fails, or the back-up battery requires replacing. The alarm will then clearly identify the exact problem to the person answering the phone or leave a clear message on voice mail or an answering machine. The unit will continue calling either every 15 minutes or 2 hours (your choice), until it gets a response. Once you have acknowledged the alarm and corrected the alarm condition, the FreezeAlarm automatically resets.

Second, you can call the system through its Quick Status CheckTM feature. This in turn allows you to hear what the current temperature is in your property, hear if the power is “on” or “off”, and hear what the voltage of the back-up battery is at. In addition, you can remotely change any of the programming options, remotely cancel the alarm call-out, and remotely check status. A security code prevents unauthorized access.

Third, voice prompted programming actually talks you through the set-up. This offers an intuitive way to set your phone numbers, set the temperature alarm set-point and select other options to customize your FreezeAlarm. Users can record their own greeting message and alarm message (up to 20 seconds) which helps to better identify to other callers or people on the call list exactly which property is having problems.

Fourth, the unit has a wide temperature range which allows you to monitor any temperature from -50 to 300°F (-55 to 150°C). As previously mentioned, the user pre-selects the degree at which it is “too hot” or “too cold”, or they can accept the factory default of 45°F (7°C).

Here is a recap and some additional Features -

• Calls up to three phone numbers to alert you of one of the three alarm emergencies at your remote monitored location.

• Allows you to call into your FreezeAlarm and check the current temperature, power status, and even remotely program the unit from any phone in the world.

• Easy set-up and programming-simply plug in a phone and the unit literally "talks" you through the set-up.

• Incoming ring count allows you to select the number of rings the FreezeAlarm will hear before it will pick up.

The Intermediate FreezeAlarm is an excellent monitoring device for homes with elderly relatives or homes with pets. It also is an excellent and affordable computer room monitoring device or refrigeration / freezer / walk-in cooler monitoring device.

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Additional Info

Part Number FA-I-CCA
What's in the box (1) Freeze Alarm
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