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Pull Stations

Fire Pull Stations are designed for a long life of reliable service in a wide variety of environments.

Correctly operating fire pull stations are important to creating an environment of safety. The proper placement of a fire alarm pull station is required to make sure the fire alarm functions properly. The placement of the fire alarm pull station should be in an area where it is clearly visible at all exits of the Building. Remember it is the responsibility of the owner to check the Fire Alarm Pull Station regularly.

According to most fire and building codes, including NFPA72 and the International Building Codes, manual pull stations shall be installed at or near all building exits and manual pull stations are to be installed within five feet from a single door exit and if the door is wider than specified for a single opening, two stations must be installed. This information can be found in NFPA72. Monthly inspections of the pull stations are also essential.

Installing a fire alarm system usually turns out to be the wisest move ever made. Fire pull stations are only worthwhile if they work properly.

In most cases, the installation or expansion of a commercial fire alarm system is determined by code requirements. There is federal, state, and local codes that come into play, specifying who must install fire alarm equipment, what type of equipment must be installed, where and how it must be installed. Failing to comply fully with any of these codes can result in denial of occupancy permits, fines, legal and financial liability.Take the preventative route by purchasing a fire alarm pull station for sale.

Pull Stations

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