Initiating Devices

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Water Flow Switch and PIV Switches - Initiating Devices

An initiating device can be just about anything that initiates an alarm, supervisory, or trouble signal in terms of a fire system. Fire alarm initiating devices include smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, water flow switches, and valve tamper switches. Your local building and fire code will dictate to you how many initiating devices should be installed within you commercial building or office. In addition, the National Fire Alarm Code publishes requirements that will tell you how and under what conditions the fire initiating devices must be installed.

Under this category HomeSecurityStore.com has a selection of water flow switches and valve supervisory switches made by Potter. First, a water flow switch is a device that is mounted on the main fire sprinkler pipe for the building (and in some case secondary as well). Here is how such a water flow switch works – The device has a plastic paddle that sticks into the pipe through a small hole. When a fire sprinkler activates, water flows through the pipe and out the sprinkler. In turn, the water flow switch paddle is deflected by the running water. This movement triggers the switch to close and then send an alarm signal to the building fire alarm control panel. In most jurisdictions, the water flow switch also sounds a special bell or horn outside the building that should notify emergency responders both that the alarm is coming from that location and that there is a water flow signal, which means the event is less likely to be a false alarm.

Initiating Devices

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