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Qface Systems is dedicated to providing advanced retail Crime Prevention Solutions for the 21st century.


The powerful COBRA System delivers the tools and resources needed by retailers, law enforcement and businesses to combat crime in today's world.



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Law Enforcement

Qface's Cobra System corresponds with law enforcement agencies across the country to investigate tips received from uploaded crime videos and/or suspect pictures.

Retailers, Businesses

& Private Citizens

Identify, Alert, Communicate, & Investigate. Qface's Cobra System provides a complete solution for retail asset protection.


Users register to receive crime alerts in their neighborhood and are able to provide confidential tips on the suspect's name and whereabouts. Videos and/or pictures are able to be shared via social media to increase view count and the resulting tips.



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Qface Systems has developed cutting-edge technology

to create a complete solution with the innovative features you desire.



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WARN System

(Wide Area Rapid Notification) Notifications and alerts of suspect info, picture and/or video are transmitted when

a neighboring retailer is a victim of a crime.

Crime Mapping

With reporting tools & the ability to filter search results, daily or weekly notifications will be sent of every crime that has occurred within a 3 mile radius of each designated customer location.

Law Enforcement Alerts

Receive instant customized alerts from local law enforcement (e.g. burglary strings, vandalism alerts, "be on the lookout" announcements, etc).


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Unlimited access to Solveacrime.com

Receive unlimited uploads of surveillance videos and/or pictures of crime suspects. Qface's propriety system will reach maximum viewers in the designated geographic areas while also targeting specific demographics based on the criteria entered by the user. Viewers provide tips that can be sent directly to the customer and/or corresponding law enforcement agency for investigation. Unlimited uploads} unlimited user credentials & database search access are included.


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Secured Information Exchange Portal

Obtain access to communicate with neighboring retailers, Loss Prevention Managers, Asset Protection Professionals, or similar business owners in your area.

Banned Book Database

Digitization service of your banned book for remote access to all locations.

Corresponding facial recognition system available in Q4 of 2016.

Background Information Portal

Access to investigate suspects or "persons of interest" for criminal records, previous convictions, "banned book" entries, etc.


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Facial Recognition System

(available Q4 2016)


Qface's advanced warning system is capable of integrating with dozens of existing surveillance systems. Receive instant alerts when a "person of interest", banned customer, convicted robber, individuals banned from other retail establishments or those wanted by police enters your business.