Thinking of Buying a Security Camera System—Read This Guide First

Ensure Foolproof Security of Your Home by Buying the Right Security Camera System!

Warning Home Owners!

You could be at RISK OF BURGLARY if you still haven’t installed security camera systems on your turf.

According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 15 seconds and that it is the most common theft in the US.

Wait there’s more!

Statistics reveal that:

  1. 2 million home burglaries occur annually in the US

  2. Approximately 66% of the burglaries are home break-ins; while 30% are through an unlocked door or window

  3. Homes that have no security camera systems are 300 percent more likely to be broken into.

Installing a security camera system is extremely crucial these days. With surveillance cameras, you can keep an eye on your property and take immediate action by calling 911 before the burglary happens. Furthermore, once a security camera system is installed in your home, you can enjoy the peace of mind and keep your home safe and secure from thefts.



Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a Security Camera System

If any of this makes sense and you’re thinking of buying a security camera system, then here are the factors that you must keep in consideration before you make your investment. These factors will help you navigate through the variety of options available in the market and select the best system that delivers you maximum performance and foolproof home security.

  • Lens—Get Your Focus Right

Everything that you are going to see or record will come through the camera’s lens. Therefore, the lens of the security camera matters the most. This is what collects the light for the camera’s sensor and controls focus. So, make sure to select surveillance cameras with optical zoom lens that allows you to recognize faces clearly.

You may also find digital zoom lens but optical zoom is preferable as digital zoom provides only the information that was in the original image. However, optical zoom can add new information because it changes when light reaches the sensor.

  • Output Resolution—It Depends on Your Input

Many people think that a high resolution is the best, but that’s not true. In CCTV camera systems, output resolution is dependent on the input. The input is determined by the lens. So, if your lens is right, you’ll automatically get a good output.

This means that you don’t necessarily need to invest in a 12 megapixel 4K ULTRA HD resolution system. Just make sure that you have enough resolution that clearly displays the images that the camera produces. Anything extra or beyond that is basically wasted or unnecessary.

  • Sensor—For Good Picture Quality

The two things that you need to consider when selecting a sensor of your CCTV system are the type of sensor and its size. The two popular types of sensors are CCD and CMOS. CCD is a better choice because of its good picture quality. Though CMOS uses less power, the image it produces is not clear which is problematic in terms of face identification purposes.

When it comes to the size of the sensor, the bigger the better, because large sensors process more light thus produce higher quality images.

  • Camera Type—Understand Your Safety and Security Needs

There is a large variety of CCTV camera systems available in the market with different capabilities. So, before you make your pick, understand your safety and security needs first. For example, bullet cameras are great for environments where discretion is vital while dome cameras are great for surveillance. Dome shape protects the camera from vandalism and also provides excellent security as it is not easy to identify where the camera might be facing.

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