Temperature Sensors

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Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors can be used indoors or outdoors and can be added to existing home security and environmental control systems. Great for home or commercial use, these easy-to-install devices help to immediately alert individuals when temperatures in a home or an office have changed and are posing a threat to the environment. Temperature sensors are also ideal for cabins, greenhouses, wine cellars, cold storage areas and dry storage units.

While indoor/outdoor temperature sensors can be either wireless or hardwired, the sensors themselves fall into two main categories in that they are either of the contact or non-contact variety. By measuring their own temperature, contact sensors are the easiest for most people to understand and install. Non-contact sensors, on the other hand, are used primarily in commercial settings or in laboratories as they are used to measure the thermal radiant power of infrared or optical radiation existing outside of the sensor.

When purchasing indoor/outdoor temperature sensors, it is important to first know the temperature range that each sensor is capable of measuring as well as whether or not the sensor comes with a preset temperature trigger or if you are allowed to set your own. If the sensor will be used outdoors, be sure to select one that specifically states it can be used in this way like the 39 Degree Winland Temp Alert.

Indoor/outdoor temperature sensors are also useful for monitoring environments that requiring a particular temperature level to protect valuables like computer equipment, plants and produce, bulk food storage and pets. When temperatures fall too low or rise too high, sensors can sound an audible alarm as well as send a message by phone, email or SMS. Not only can sensors be programmed to make multiple attempts at contacting an owner, but some can even leave a voicemail message, if necessary.

Temperature Sensors

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