Wireless Intercoms

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Wireless Intercoms

A wireless intercom system can be a convenient way to communicate throughout your house or business. It can also help you keep a certain level of security over your family or employees. For instance, if you have an urgent message that needs to be relayed to your workers, an intercom system would come in quite handy. The same goes for inside a home, if say there were a fire or intruder in the house. You never know when you will need that extra layer of security that a wireless intercom system can provide. Plus, there is always the convenience factor of not having to shout up the stairs anymore to get your children’s attention, or having to walk all the way outside to the backyard shed just to tell your husband that dinner is ready.

Of course wireless means no wires to deal with, which makes the set-up of your system a cinch. In most cases these wireless intercoms and doorbells work off simple AA batteries. However, they will also likely work off DC adapters as well. Many intercom systems also lay flat on a surface like a table so there is no mounting necessary. On the other hand, if there is mounting to do, the DIY kits should provide the necessary equipment and/or simply the required adhesive tape to get the job done.

Advanced wireless intercom systems should also have a listen-in feature which allows you to use it as a baby monitor or perhaps to keep tabs on a conversation in the next room. Many systems can also expand with multiple units and are designed to work with long range and digitally secure signals.

Wireless Intercoms

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