Garage Door Controls

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Garage Door Controls

Every homeowner should have the ability to remotely control a home’s garage door. Not only is this a matter of convenience, but also of security. Whether your current remote system is ready for an upgrade or whether you are installing a new control for the first time, HomeSecurityStore.com is your one-stop-shop.

Throughout this section, you will find an array of options for your garage door safety. Among these options include keypad controls, as well as hand-held remote controls and keychain transmitters. We even offer keyless entry systems that can be programmed to open your garage door simply by reading your fingerprint and those of your family members.

In addition to a garage door opener, you may also want to consider installing a monitor which can further help protect your home. This way, each time your garage door is opened a monitor will transmit an alert to you. You may also select a garage door closer, which can automatically close the door each time you leave your garage. HomeSecurityStore.com even offers laser parking assist devices to assure a perfect park each time you enter your garage.

Every one of our garage door controls have been hand-selected to provide you with the best in home security, safety and convenience. As with all of the home security products offered in our store, each of our garage door control devices can be self-installed and complete instructions are included. Our tech support team members are also happy to offer troubleshooting assistance or answer any questions that you may have.

Garage Door Controls

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