Door Chimes

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Door Chimes

Whether you already have a home alarm system installed at your home or not, door alarm sensors add a very good layer of security and protection. By sounding an audible alert each time someone approaches your home, door chime alarms reduce the likelihood of you being caught off guard. HomeSecurityStore.com even offers driveway alarms and annunciators, which can be used to serve the same purpose.

Door chime alarms are not the best replacements for home alarm systems. They can, however, act as home security devices for students and others who may be on a tight budget and aren’t yet able to afford a full security system. Our door chimes can even be used in tandem with infrared motion detectors.

If you already have a home alarm system, a door security chime is a great accessory to add to that system. Even before an alarm is sounded, a door chime will let you know when an intruder is near. The extra seconds of alert that a door chime can offer in such a situation are truly priceless.

Not only do our door alarm sensors act as security devices in their own right, but they can also be used with an existing doorbell system. Whether visitors intentionally push a button to activate the chime or whether they unintentionally activate a sensor upon approaching your house, a door chime can sound throughout your home and can even be placed near a speaker in order to alert you of a visitor’s arrival if you are in the backyard.

Door Chimes

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