Hardwire Alarm Systems

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Many newer security systems are capable of both hardwired and wireless. Hybrid Security Systems are compatible with both wireless and hard-wired alarm equipment, including door window sensors, motion detectors, keypads, smoke detectors and sirens.

For convenience Hybrid alarm systems are becoming the number one security systems of choice for both professional installers and do it yourself homeowners.

If you are building a new home, a hardwired alarm system is definitely your best security advantage. The installation for these types of systems are a lot more labor intensive than wireless systems, but they also significantly reduce the likelihood of false alarms and tampering. Because wired alarm systems require drilling holes throughout a home in order to install wiring behind its walls, we recommend these most to customers who are building a brand new property or who are engaging in the major renovation of an existing home. Hardwired systems are also more suitable for commercial use, such as to protect large warehouses and office buildings.

While a hardwired system is considered to be the most reliable of the two different types of alarms, it is difficult to identify it as being the best for each individual homeowner and with that in mind. Hybrid Security Systems is the answer.

Hardwire Alarm Systems

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