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Alarm Power Supply

A home alarm system without a power supply is nothing more than a quaint decoration, like pieces of art strewn across a wall. Your power supply is what gives the system its juice. As the name suggests, an alarm power supply is a source of electrical power that supplies the energy that an alarm system needs to operate and to protect your home. Some alarm systems are powered by the home’s electrical power supply, some by batteries, and some by a combination of both.

The Power of Wireless

It’s no mystery why wireless technologies have become so popular in the home security industry. Wireless alarm systems require no complicated wiring or electrical connection, because all of the components of a wireless system (such as transmitters and motion detectors) use battery power. With that said, you can also opt to use a transformer, which connects to an electrical outlet to power your control panel – which typically houses your keypad and siren.

The Hardwired Solution

If you have a traditional hardwired configuration, things can get a bit more complicated. All the components of a hardwire alarm system (such as sensors, motion detectors, keypads, siren, and strobe) are connected directly to the master control panel via wires, and they all rely on switching circuits to operate. That’s where the circuit board (CPU) comes in. In turn, all the components are then juiced from one main power supply.

Additional Considerations

A hardwired alarm system is more tedious to install, but it does take away the need to check or recharge batteries for each component. However, when using a hardwire system, it’s a good idea to have a backup battery hooked up and housed within your master control panel that can kick in if the power fails. You might want to also use a rechargeable battery, which will lower your maintenance costs.

Power Your Alarm

Don’t be without a reliable source of power. Browse our full selection of alarm power supplies, and find out what you need to fully reinforce your alarm system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Order yours today, and we’ll ship your power supply in as little as one business day. Contact us if you have any questions regarding home security power supply, and check out our Tech Support page to learn more about the products and installation.

Power Supplies

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