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Pet Immune Motion Detectors

Pets are more than just animals in our care – our pets are members of the family. That’s why we offer a wide array of pet-immune motion detectors that work with most major home alarm systems. Protecting your home and family means protecting your pets as well, and you shouldn’t have to make compromises with your home security just because you have animals walking around. A pet-friendly motion sensor is designed to accommodate dogs, cats and other household pets, enabling them to explore freely without setting off the alarm. Some of these devices work with animals ranging in size from 5 to 100 pounds.

Pet-Immune Motion Detection

It wasn’t so long ago that homeowners would attempt to “pet-proof” their motion detectors by placing masking tape over the lower portion of the lens. Not only is that approach highly ineffective and potentially detrimental to the effectiveness of the system, but thankfully, it’s not even necessary. Today, we have pet-immune PIR (passive infrared) motion detectors, designed so that your pet can move around with impunity. Human beings, however, will still trigger the alarm.

Here’s How A Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor Works

When an infrared source with one temperature (such as a human being) passes in front of an infrared source with another temperature (such as a wall), the alarm is triggered. All objects emit what is known as black body radiation, an energy that’s completely invisible to the naked eye but capable of being measured by certain electronic devices. Household pets register much smaller temperature changes, and so pet-immune PIR motion detectors are designed to ignore the less significant temperature changes, like those triggered by a 30-pound dog. It all depends on the PIR sensitivity, and in many cases, you can apply custom settings for the sensitivity level.

Order Your Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor Today

HomeSecurityStore.com is your source for the most reliable and sophisticated pet-immune motion detectors on the market. If you’re tired of your pets setting off the alarm, or if you just want to create the ideal system for your house, browse the complete selection. We carry all of the top brands, like DSC, Honeywell and 2GIG Technologies, and we offer the best prices online. Feel free to contact our tech support team if you have any questions about the products or installation. Order today.

Pet Immune

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