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Outdoor Motion Detectors

Outdoor motion detector alarms are designed to protect the perimeter of your home or business, and most utilize passive infrared (PIR) technology.The outdoor detectors are a bit more sophisticated than your standard indoor motion sensor alarms, but they secure some of the most critical areas of your home. The best time to stop an intruder is before he even has the chance to enter.

Choosing Your Outdoor Motion Detector Alarm

When buying outdoor motion detector alarms, there are certain things you need to consider. For instance, should you go with wired or wireless? You definitely want to have a weatherproof model, given the outdoor environment. Bear in mind, though, that some are built for more rugged conditions than others and are equipped with a better, more durable housing and lens. The motion sensor alarms should also have features to safeguard against false alarms caused by sunlight. When making your selection, you should also consider whether the outdoor motion alarm is easy to install and maintain, and pay attention to the energy efficiency. The most energy-efficient outdoor motion sensor alarm models only operate when movement is detected.

Finding the Ideal Range

Some outdoor motion detector alarms are designed with a stronger detection pattern than others. Be sure to consider the range of the detector when making your purchase. There are some detectors designed to fit specifically with a given home alarm or surveillance system, but then there are some that can easily be added on to any wireless system, effective with any manufacturer’s transmitter and receiver.

Finding the Right Location

Before purchasing an outdoor motion detector or motion sensor alarms, you should first figure out how many you need and where you would like to install them. This can be done by looking over your property. Other than the front and back door, you should survey the spots that you think an intruder might try and enter. With a bit of planning and strategy, you can turn your home or business into a virtually impenetrable fortress.

Find Yours Today

Whether you need a single outdoor motion detector or multiple detectors, no matter what the range or capabilities, you can find it all right here at HomeSecurityStore.com. Browse the full selection of motion sensor alarms, and find exactly what you need to enhance your home security system for the 21st century – indoors and out.


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