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Alarm Keypads / Security System Keypads

Your keypad is an integral part of your security system. You use it to arm, disarm, monitor and communicate with your alarm. You can easily verify that all of your zones are clear and operational, and ensure that your backup battery is functioning properly. Many keypads even come equipped with a panic button, which can be programmed to contact your local monitoring company, police department, fire department or EMS in the event of an emergency or security breach.

One is Never Enough

Most alarm systems feature a control panel and keypad in one. But whether your primary keypad comes as an extension of the panel, or as a separate mechanism entirely, you can always purchase additional keypads to enroll into the system for added security and convenience. HomeSecurityStore.com offers a variety of affordable wired and wireless keypads, suitable for almost all major alarm systems, so you can easily maintain control all throughout your home.

Keypad Placement

Your keypad is essentially the only hands-on element of your home security system (surveillance gear notwithstanding), and it inevitably receives the most use, so the proper placement is very important. If you have only keypad, you want to keep it closed to the most used door. One or two keypads are probably all you need for an apartment condo or small house, but larger homes and businesses can benefit greatly from the freedom and convenience of multiple keypads. Install your keypad at about shoulder height, and consult our Tech Support page if you need assistance with installation.

Additional Considerations

The front door, the master bedroom, the garage and the upstairs hallway are just a few ideal locations for security system keypads, and ultimately your decision should rest on two factors:

1) Which locations are the most convenient?
2) Which locations are the most easily accessed in the event of an emergency?

Order Now

HomeSecurityStore.com carries keypads from top manufacturers like Honeywell, Visonic, DSC and 2GIG Technologies, and we have models designed for all different types of wired and wireless security systems. Click on the products to learn more about them, and take advantage of the incredible deals. We have nearly a hundred options to choose from, and most orders ship within one business day. Get the security you need and the peace of mind you deserve.


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