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Alarm Remote Controls and Key Fobs

Keyfobs aren’t just for cars. With an alarm keyfob, you can remotely arm and disarm your home security system as simply as if you were turning on your television. Some models will even allow you to trigger the alarm with a panic signal, and alert your local authorities in the event of an emergency. As if that weren’t enough, some of these devices even enable you to control your lights and other home appliances with the click of a button. This is real freedom in the palm of your hand.

Keyfob 101

HomeSecurityStore.com offers a variety of home alarm remote control keyfobs for every home and system. Much like the keyfob for your car, it uses a series of small buttons to activate the signals necessary to communicate with your security system’s control panel. Most of these keyfobs include two or four buttons, for features like “Arm,” “Disarm,” and “Panic.” Some of these keyfobs, however, offer a richer selection of buttons, and even allow you to activate garage door openers and set other custom wireless commands.

Additional Security Key fob Features

With such a wide selection available, you should have no trouble finding an option to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re just looking for a simple two-button configuration to remotely control your alarm, or a full keypad and talking features for absolute control over your security system, you’ll find it right here. Just click on any product to see a detailed breakdown of its specifications.

The Ultimate in Convenience and Safety

It’s not just about control; it’s about convenience, and more importantly, it’s about safety. In an emergency situation, you can’t race over to your keypad in order to manually activate it. Your keyfob can be attached to a key ring, worn on a belt, or clipped to a car visor. You may want to purchase a spare for your bedside, or for wherever you need an added element of safety.

Order Today

Explore our full array of home alarm remote control keyfobs, and take advantage of superior prices on the most sophisticated options. We carry keyfobs from the world’s leading home security experts, including DSC, Honeywell and Visonic Security Systems, and our high standards are unyielding. Order now, and we’ll ship your new keyfob in as little as one business day.


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