Glass Break Detectors

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  • DSC Wireless Glassbreak Detector WLS922L-433

    “Smart” enough to distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common sounds found in homes and businesses, the detector features high-performance microphone using Dynamic Signal Processing and can determine all types of breaking framed glass (plate, float, tempered, wired and laminated).

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  • Wireless PowerG Glass Break Detector PG9922

    DSC's PG9922 Glass Break Detector adds an extra layer of protection to home and business perimeters, providing instant identification and notification of a broken window or glass door.

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  • AC100 - DSC Glass Break Detector

    Ultimately, a glassbreak detector is limited by how well it hears all sounds and by how smart it is in reacting to the one sound that poses a threat. On both counts, nothin Learn More

  • DSC Ceiling Mount Infrared W/Glass Break

    Bravo5 is a 360 degree ceiling-mounted, single element quad PIR detector. That's ideal in commercial applications where partitions or other obstructions might obscure the line Learn More

  • DSC Vibration Sensor

    The SS-102 electronic shock sensor have been designed utilizing the most advanced microchip technology to provide reliability effective false alarm resistant protection. Learn More

  • DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter

    Slim, compact and attractive to blend into any decor! The DSC WS4945 can be used as a self contained magnetic door or window contact Complete with surface mount magnet Fully supervised by co Learn More

  • DSC Wireless Glass Break Detector

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    Dynamic Sound Analysis with advanced audio sampling and digital processing techniques sets new standards for detector sensitivity and immunity to false alarms! Learn More

  • DSC Wireless Shock Sensor with Contact

    The EV-DW4927SS is ideal for those installations where glassbreak detectors are not recommended. Not only can this wireless shock sensor detect the impact caused by a breaking glass or forced entries, it can also detect openings and closings, giving double the protection in one! With its adjustable sensitivity each installation can be fine-tuned to ensure reliable coverage without false-alarms. Learn More

  • PG9912 - DSC Wireless PowerG Glass Break Detector

    Breaking a window is one of the easiest and most common ways for an intruder to enter a home or business. The PG9912 provides notification of the breakage of plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass. Learn More

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Glass Break Detectors

Burglars can’t walk through walls, but they can certainly break through glass. Quite often, a criminal will gain entry to a home by smashing through a window, a sliding glass door, or a glass panel on an entrance door. Your door and window contact will sometimes trigger your alarm, but a glass break detector can offer an additional invaluable level of protection. HomeSecurityStore.com is pleased to offer an extensive array of affordable glass break detectors for your home.

Affordable Glass Break Detectors

From glass break detectors to shock detectors, we have the tools you need to take your home security system to the next level. When combined with motion sensors and door and window contacts, these simple devices can ensure that no human being with a pulse will ever slip past your alarm undetected. Our glass break detectors are available in a variety of configurations to suit different homes and needs, so be sure to browse the full selection to get a feel for what’s available. The majority of these glass break alarms are acoustic, and work by detecting the characteristic sounds of breaking glass. Shock detectors, by contrast, work by detecting vibrations – not unlike the method used by car alarms.

Hardwired and Wireless Glass Break Sensors

As if you didn’t have enough variables to consider, we also offer both hardwired and wireless versions of glass break sensors. The glass breakage detector mounts on the wall or ceiling and monitors the surrounding area. For best results, mount your glass break detector at least 20 feet away from all windows and glass panels. If situated correctly, a single glass break detector can monitor all of the windows in a single room. Please note that glass break detectors do not listen in through walls or around corners.

Get Your Glass Breaking Sensor Today

HomeSecurityStore.com offers more than two dozen glass break detectors, and our prices won’t be beat. Browse the full inventory of glass break alarms, and please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll ship your order in as little as one business day, and you’ll have your new sensor up and running in no time. While you’re here, be sure to also check out our glass break sensor testers to ensure that your sensor is always responsive, and is situated in the ideal location. Order your window break alarm now.

Glass Break Detectors

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