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Alarm Parts and Alarm Supplies

Is your alarm system strong enough? Think about all the uncovered, unprotected territory at your home or business that is never paid attention to. To cover all your bases we have a wide variety of alarm accessories to add to your existing alarm system, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Very popular additions to monitoring include additional keypads, alarm modules, Burglar alarm contacts and motion detectors. You’d be surprised how important the small things are, like yard signs and window stickers to fighting crime.

Standard alarm kits sold at our store come equipped with the two door/window sensors and one motion detector. To some people, this is enough. To others, it’s just the first step in building a fortress of protection. Consider supplementary transmitter items like sirens, speakers, strobes, photoelectric detectors, enclosures to hide your system- these are all fantastic additions to an already solid system.

Do you need to replace a motion sensor or relay input? Check out our alarm accessory category to find the extra alarm supplies you need to beef up your system. If you desire more control, relays expand the capabilities of your alarm system.

What happens if a burglar smashes a window instead of trying to break through a lock? Our selection of glass break detectors answers that question. What if you pass on monitoring your garage or the kids’ bedroom? An extra motion detector gives you that much more protection.

To add features to your alarm system, start with a module- extra hardware to support extra security to the system. Alarm modules include internet connection modules (ICM), GSM modules, and other modules which can support both 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk home alarm verification.

Here at HomeSecurityStore.com, we carry hardwired and wireless alarm accessories to cater to the taste of every type of person. If you want to feel strong and protected, we have the tools to help you beef up your security system.

Alarm Accessories

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