Alarm Monitoring Pricing

Alarm Monitoring Pricing

How Can We Offer Alarm System Monitoring for $8.95?

Our pricing model is designed to save consumers 50-300% off the current rates offered by our competition. In order for us to provide this savings we bill the entire year in advance. There is a one-time set-up fee of $35.00 to connect you to our UL listed central monitoring station.


Alarm Monitoring ($8.95 X 12 months): $107.40
Set Up (One Time): $35.00

Total: $142.40

It is simple: you deal directly with the source because we cut out the supplier in the middle by marketing directly over the internet.

Alarm system monitoring should never cost $30/month. For years consumers have been over-paying for alarm monitoring. This is largely due to the fact that most systems were originally financed for a very low dollar amount up front. The alarm company would typically make a return on investment over the course of the 3 to 5 year term of the agreement. Today, most systems that are installed in homes and businesses across the world have been paid for years ago. But, does your alarm company call you to tell you that you can stop paying $30/month now? Of course not!

Additionally, most alarm systems are installed by independent alarm dealers. And guess what, they do not have their own central station monitoring. They have to go to a wholesale monitoring provider where they purchase alarm monitoring at wholesale rates. Their wholesale rates are the same price that we offer you today by going direct.

Customers are billed a year at a time, eliminating the time-consuming automatic debit payment structure. No credit reports are required, and apart from a one-time $35 programming fee, there are no hidden costs.

One-Third the Price of Other Alarm System Monitoring Services

By teaming with Alarm Relay, a nationwide provider of professional alarm system monitoring services, we can offer customers professional alarm monitoring for about a third of what it would cost through other providers. Alarm Relay, which has been monitoring alarms for decades, operates a state-of-the-art facility in El Cajon, California, that serves alarm customers across the country. Alarm Relay's central station is also UL-Listed, which means it has passed a series of inspections by the nation's foremost rating agency, Underwriters Laboratories.

Alarm Relay monitoring isn't just about advanced technology – it's about dedicated and talented people that ensure you, your family and your belongings are protected always.

*Service requirements: Active alarm system connected to a landline.


Save between 50-300% off industry standard alarm monitoring costs by connecting to the Alarm Relay central station.

UL Certified Central Station

Alarm Relay has been a UL Listed Central Station for over 10 years