Alarm Monitoring FAQ

What is alarm monitoring?

Upon receiving a signal from your home or business, Alarm Relay dispatchers will immediately call the location to verify whether you set your alarm off accidentally. Whoever answers the phone is required to give a secret password that is stored securely in our records. If we do not receive an answer or if an answering machine picks up, we will immediately dispatch your nearest local authorities and/or contact your approved call list. If a panic button is triggered or if a smoke detector signal is received, we will immediately dispatch and then call your home. In any event, it is your nearest local authorities (Police, Fire, and Paramedic) that respond.

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How does it work?

Your security system is designed to plug into a standard phone jack installed at your premises on one of your regular telephone lines. When activated, a relay in your security system dials our the central station and the signal is received. The call to our central monitoring station is placed over a toll-free number.

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What happens during a power failure?

Your security system runs on the AC current in your home normally. However if the power fails, your system will automatically revert to its own back-up battery for several hours if necessary. Once the power to your home returns, your security system automatically reverts back to AC current.

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What is an RJ31X Jack?

Your security system is also designed to plug into a RJ31X jack. The RJ31X provides additional security through a feature knows as "line seizure." When activated, a relay in your security system "seizes" your phone line and gives the security system priority use of this line, allowing the security system to report its signals to Alarm Relay's central monitoring station. This means that if you are talking on the phone when the alarm is triggered, your call will be disconnected and the alarm signal will be received by the central station.

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What if I want to test my system?

By calling the Alarm Relay monitoring station and alarm monitoring services requesting that they put your system into a "test" mode, you can activate the system and then test any feature you have. Alarm Relay representatives will be happy to inform you about the signal they received and where it came from in the home.

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What if I accidentally set off my alarm system?

If you ever accidentally set off your security system, don't worry. Alarm Relay representatives will call you immediately upon receiving a signal. When you answer the phone they will identify themselves and ask you to do the same. Here is where you will give them your secret password. They will not dispatch the police to your home if you simply tell them your password. CAUTION: If the signaled received is a "panic" or "fire" signal, we dispatch the authorities first and they call you.

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What if I am currently under an alarm-monitoring contract?

If you have an existing alarm monitoring agreement with another provider, you have to wait until it expires. Most providers require advanced notice before you can cancel. Also, it is common practice in the industry to use "automatic roll-over agreements." So watch your expiration date closely. Once you are free from your obligation, give us a call. We want an opportunity to earn your business.

We recommend that you send a certified letter to your provider immediately. Inform them that you want to continue your service on a month-to-month basis once the term of your agreement is completed. Send this letter now. It will protect you from automatic rollover agreements.

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UL Certified Central Station

Alarm Relay has been a UL Listed Central Station for over 10 years