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Network Tools

Every do-it-yourself alarm system installer needs tools and we have what the network tools you need to build a solid home security system. We always recommend doing as much research as possible when building your network, because there is no price to knowing everything about the system you own.

Built for use with wires, our one thousand pack of staples help secure loose wires by tightening them to a wall, ceiling or floor with a length of 3/8 inches. Each staple has a plastic insulator that encloses the metal legs of the staple from cutting and pinching the wire. Our staple gun is all steel construction, ensuring a long life of stability for your equipment. To avoid frustration, it is also jam proof and its grooved guide ensures perfect stapling.

With’s network tools, not only do you get exactly what you need to strengthen your alarm system, these are also items you can use with every day applications around your home or business. Other tools we recommend when installing are: cable strippers, electrician scissors, a load bar, a connector and a crimper. Our tools are an affordable solution for cable installers, network administrators, consultants and technicians.

You’ll find similar products at hardware stores and such, but these products were picked by our experts with you in mind. They make installation simple, effective and fun. We expect the highest standards and most innovative designs for our stock and you should too. For network tools, we’ve got you covered here at


Minimal Price: $4.95