Surge Protection

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All of your electronics should be protected from power surges and outright failures. While these events are sometimes unavoidable, modern technology makes it possible to avoid the damage that they can cause to expensive equipment such as laptops and personal computers. Most people are familiar with power strips and may assume that they all offer surge protection, but the truth is that not all do which is why we are clear in only offering products that actually offer real protection against surges and failures.

Surge protection is not only necessary to help prevent damage to electronic equipment, but it is a must-have for security devices such as CCTV equipment. A surge protector that goes a step further in acting as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is important as these items are able to convert AC power to DC power that is stored in a battery. Should power ever fail, the energy stored within that battery is immediately made available in order to keep your equipment running for a limited amount of time. The amount of time varies and, at minimum, allows enough time to properly power equipment down or restore normal power if possible.

Prior to purchasing surge protection, it helps to be aware of what devices will be connected to the protector. This is important as some electronics, like plasma televisions and personal computers may require a different type of surge protection or UPS than other devices, such as CCTV equipment. Also, be sure that the wattage and voltage offered is compatible with the device(s) the surge protection will be used with before placing an order. As always, our knowledgeable tech support team is available to address additional concerns or questions.

Surge Protection

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