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Alarm Power Supply and Security System Transformers

It can be said that a home alarm system is only as reliable as its alarm power supplies. Whether installing a hardwired alarm system or a wireless one, the energy source powering the system is as crucial as the system itself. Here we offer a variety of alarm power supply options for you to choose from in order to assure that your home alarm system is adequately powered at all times.

Depending upon the type of alarm system installed at your home, alarm system transformers or batteries may be needed. Some homeowners even prefer a combination of both of these. For example, since wireless home alarm systems do not require any special wiring or a hardwired electrical connection, these systems can operate on batteries alone. Alarm system transformers can still be used, however, in order to provide power to the control panel where the keypad and siren are housed.

A hardwired home alarm system, on the other hand, relies primarily on the home’s electricity. This is because all of the alarm’s components-- sensors, siren, keypad, etc.-- are literally hardwired to the system’s master control panel, which uses switching circuitry. As such, each component is powered by, and connected to, the house’s electricity. Still, a backup battery system can (and should) be used with a hardwired home alarm system so that it can serve as a secondary power source in the event of a power failure.

In this section, you’ll find that we offer a broad selection of alarm power supplies. Name brands like Honeywell, Ademco, GE and more are all offered here. Our team of technical experts are also available to answer questions with regards to selecting the right alarm power supplies or alarm system transformers, as well as to help troubleshoot with installation challenges.

Alarm Power Supplies

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