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Security Camera Systems Overview

Security Cameras 101

As crime rates continue to increase, so must everyone’s efforts to avoid becoming a victim. One of the best and most proactive approaches to increasing home security is the use of security camera systems. Most people either ignore or fear the unexpected, but very few actually take the time to actively prepare for it. Those who invest forethought into surviving a crime like a home invasion robbery by installing the best security equipment are often able to actually deter these types of crimes and experience a better sense of protection as a result. Installing a security camera system is a perfect example of the type of security device that actually serves to deter crime.

Resist Becoming a Victim

Many people live in fear of crime and feel a sense of helplessness in preventing it. While no one wants or expects to be burglarized, or to be the victim of a home invasion, the truth is that there is a likelihood that anyone reading this could be next. What is also true, however, is that there are deliberate steps that can be taken today to reduce the likelihood of someone becoming a victim of crime tomorrow. It is for this reason that a surveillance camera system is such a necessary component of an effective home security plan.

Today’s Camera Systems Are Affordable

At one point in time, surveillance systems were too expensive for the average homeowner or small business owner to consider. While cameras have always offered increased levels of security and protection, only the wealthiest homeowners or high-producing businesses could afford them. New advances in technology have helped to significantly lower previous costs and now, more than ever, surveillance camera systems are far more affordable to the general public. Not only are they a relatively inexpensive way of protecting a home or a business, but they are easy to self-install, thus further lowering the expenses previously associated with surveillance systems.

Features Galore

The features that accompany most home security camera systems add even more value to this modest investment. For instance, most outdoor cameras also offer infrared technology, which employs specialized lighting around the camera’s lens that enables it to record images in the dark. This is the same technology used by law enforcement agencies and is now available to homeowners with a keen interest in security.

Other strong features associated with contemporary camera systems is that many are both weather and water resistant. Live and recorded images can also be viewed remotely by computer or an Internet-enabled smartphone. Many systems even offer multiple channels, which means that homeowners can install several cameras inside and outside of a home, yet view video from each camera on a single monitor simply by accessing different channels. Security channels can be viewed one at a time, but several systems offer the ability to view multiple channels on a single screen at once.

Layers Of Security Deter and Reduce Crime

Anyone still on the fence about the necessity of surveillance camera systems should take a moment to review our home security checklist. Upon doing so, it is important to determine whether or not a home is truly secure at this time or if additional layers of security are necessary. More often than not, people have not put much thought in tightening their home security and even those with alarm systems can erroneously believe that this is enough. There is a reason, however, that experts recommend having two or more alert and deterrent systems in place at a home just in case one is not enough.

Simply put, as far as security layers go, surveillance camera systems are effective crime deterrents. The mere placement even of a fake video camera can deter illegal activity since criminals generally seek to avoid being videotaped during the commission of a crime. Strategically positioned to monitor doors, windows, walkways and garages, surveillance systems put thieves on notice that careful planning and attention to detail has been given to securing a home or a business. Given a choice between a home being monitored in this fashion and another random one that is not, most thieves are prone to select the easier target.

Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get. ~ Warren Buffett

With so many different types of cameras, features and price points to choose from, there simply is no good reason for anyone who wants to make security a priority not to have at least one surveillance camera installed at their residence or place of business. We believe that when placed side-by-side against the expense of being burglarized, the price of any one of our security camera systems proves to be more than cost-effective. Not only are security camera prices affordable, but their true value lies in the lives that they may save and the other valuables that they protect.

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