IP Cameras

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  • C24-CAM54IR – DSC Wireless IP Camera

    This Wireless IP Camera connects through a wireless or hardwired network and incorporates infrared illumination for great day/night and indoor/outdoor home surveillance. Learn More

  • Foscam 1.3 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

    The Foscam FI9805W features 960p HD quality video, H.264 video compression, Wireless-N capability, remote internet viewing, motion detection, and night vision. In addition, it is smartphone compatible (Iphone, Android & Blackberry) as well as viewable over the internet network using the standard web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Learn More

  • Foscam FI9821P Plug & Play Wireless IP Camera

    The Foscam FI9821P is Foscam's first "Plug & Play" camera featuring the ability to connect via smartphone by simply scanning the QR code on the underside of the camera. Learn More

  • Foscam FI9831W 1.3 Megapixel Wireless IP Camera

    The Foscam FI9831W Megapixel Wireless IP Camera features high definition 1280 x 960p video resolution, h.264 video compression, built-in DVR via SD card (upto 32gb), two-way audio, wifi-N capability, pan/tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, night-vision as well as network video recording capability. Learn More

  • Lorex Easy Connect IP Remote Surveillance Camera

    The LNE1001 - Lorex Easy Connect IP Remote Surveillance Camera is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to monitor their home without breaking the bank. At just $129.95 you get a compact design that packs a lot of punch, as this surveillance camera offers impressive high-resolution viewing at 640 x 480 VGA, 30 frames per second real-time recording, and even 10x digital zoom. Its MPEG4 compression provides enhanced video streaming capabilities that will let you view, record and playback any captured footage. Learn More

  • Schlage Wireless Indoor Network IP Camera

    Nexia Home Intelligence teams with Schlage Home Indoor Cameras conveniently let users use their smart phone and see exactly what's going on in their living room. Learn More

  • Schlage Wireless Outdoor Network IP Camera

    Nexia Home Intelligence with Schlage Home Outdoor Cameras provides the assurance you need that everything's safe and sound - or the information you need to take care of home situations right away. Learn More

  • Lorex Wireless HD Network Camera

    The LNC216 cameras come with all the highlights from the original and much more. Exciting new and improved features include a temperature sensor, two-way audio using an internal microphone and speaker, advanced motion/audio sensors, and best of all: the unique wireless cameras now offer 720 HD real-time recording and viewing. Learn More

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IP Cameras

If you are serious about your home or business security and want to monitor your property 24/7 then IP Cameras are for you. Because most residential and small business IP Cameras are small in size and wireless, they can be placed almost anywhere providing for discreet monitoring. You can use them to monitor a house, store, shop, boutique, restaurant, hotel, and more. However, IP Cameras don’t always have to be discreet. You can use them to enhance physical security, protect your assets, and boost employee productivity.

To be technical, IP Cameras are Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras with built-in web servers that use Internet Protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a Fast Ethernet link. To break that down, an IP Camera is like a security camera and a computer combined. This means IP Cameras can stream live video via the Internet. The benefit of such a camera is that it resides on IP networks, hence why IP Cameras are commonly referred to as Network Cameras. This means the video stream can be stored remotely and accessed anytime from anywhere by simply using a standard web browser. An IP Camera can offer a wide range of benefits including:

* Typically wireless operation that limits wiring and installation time
* Remote monitoring and recording to a local or remote PC over the Internet
* Optional local video storage via a SD/CF card reader slot
* Optional built-in motion detection with email, SMS, and FTP alerts
* Optional Pan Tilt Zoom functions which are controllable via a web browser locally and over the Internet

IP Cameras

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