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Spy Cameras

In the past spy cameras and spy equipment were only used by law enforcement and private investigators, but today a wide selection of spy cameras are available to consumers. HomeSecurityStore.com has some unique spy cameras including spy cameras hidden within a motion detector, pen, a pair of sunglasses, and even a fire sprinkler.

Spy cameras can be used for many applications. Catching an abusive nanny or cheating spouse is among the top applications. Spy cameras can also be used to keep an eye on your children; an elderly loved one, a babysitter, a caregiver, and employees.

Furthermore, spy cameras can be incorporated into your surveillance system to help catch a thief. There are few methods available that are capable of giving you the proof or evidence that a surveillance camera can provide. Without this evidence the chances of the police catching a thief who has stolen from you are very low. Remember, the average lost of a home break-in is nearly $2000 in stolen items.

Spy cameras are for the most part very small cameras which are hidden within or behind objects, normally everyday items. It’s important when buying a spy camera to consider how it will be powered. Most run off batteries and will only last a limited amount of time depending on the recording mode. You should also consider what the video or images are stored on. Is it an external or internal DVR?

It would be nice if you could trust everyone you came in contact with, but the reality is you cannot. That’s where spy cameras come in – to give you an extra set of eyes to watch over things when you are not around.

Hidden Camera

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