CCTV HD Cameras

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CCTV HD Cameras

When you are shopping for surveillance cameras, the most important requirement that should come to mind is High Resolution Image Quality. With the CCTV HD Cameras sold here at this requirement is premeditated. We understand that you want the best bang for your buck and rest assured, we’ve supplied top-notch surveillance cams sold both individually and in full-proof surveillance kits.

HD-SDI quality cameras are now standard in the TV industry and in the future they’ll be standard for the Home Security Industry too. They significantly outperform prior CCTV surveillance cameras and are affordable for both home and business owners who want the best protection without busting their bank account.

A few years ago, the goal was to simply get the job done when it came to security cameras. With HD-SDI cameras, the goal has changed. These detailed cameras capture everything from license plates to faces to weapons and are sure to get you the incriminating evidence you need when a burglar or thief tries to invade or steal.

Record your property in 1080P or 720 HD resolution at up to 30 frames per second with these phenomenal HD-SDI cameras. Automatic white balance, advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction (DNR) and built-in infrared LEDs make these cameras efficient in both daylight and total dark conditions. Still unsure if you want to step in to the future? Give these cameras a test run. We’re sure you’ll never look back.

CCTV HD Cameras

Minimal Price: $38.00