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CCTV Security Camera Monitors

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is how your video or digital surveillance camera system is operating. Closed circuit- so only you can view the footage. We at offer a decorated selection of CCTV monitors to improve your home monitoring experience. Our CCTV monitors are built to understand Composite, RCA or BNC video signals and they all produce high quality LCD color images.

There are televisions on the market that will hook right into your home security system, but it’s always better to have a dedicated monitor. This will save you time spent on confusion and frustration. Dedicated monitors to a specific system will also help you stay organized and focused on you and your family’s protection.

If you’re just starting to build your home security kit, here’s what you should consider when it comes to monitors:

What is the monitor resolution? The greater the resolution, the more crisp and clear the image.

Are there quality built-in speakers? The key word is quality. If your security cameras have built-in audio, make sure your CCTV is doing it justice.

What cables are required and do they come as part of the package? Make sure your DVR outputs and television inputs match up. With today’s technology most connections are compatible, but there is no universal connection for every product/manufacturer.

Is there a remote control? Needless to say, remote controls make the viewing experience much easier. It is quite an annoyance if you have change image or sound settings on the television by hand.

From 3.5 to 19 inch models, has the monitor you’re looking for.

CCTV Monitors

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