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8 Camera Systems

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8 Camera Systems

An 8 camera system may seem like it would be complicated to set-up in your home or business, but it does not have to be. The premise is the same for a 2 camera system as it is for an 8 camera system. That is, you have a set of cameras, a recording device such as a VCR or DVR, and a monitor for viewing purposes. However, the main differences will be the amount of wire and the amount of memory that you need.

Since 8 cameras produce more video, you will need to save storage space. One way to do this is to set your cameras to run on a motion detection recording mode. As the name implies, motion detection means the camera will only begin recording once motion is detected. Furthermore, more advanced surveillance systems will have the option to ignore natural movement such as a moving tree or car traffic to prevent false alarms. Other recording modes are manual, continuous, and scheduled.

When installing an 8 camera system, where to place the cameras should be considered before you drill. If it is a business you are protecting, you should consider the walking patterns of customers and employees. Some vulnerable areas you might consider are the front and back door, the loading dock, the cash register area, by the dressing rooms, the break room, kitchen, and food prep line. Remember, you should avoid installing and pointing a surveillance camera towards the sun and in an area where it will pick up a glare from glass.

8 Camera Systems

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