4 Camera Systems

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4 Camera Systems

A 4 camera Surveillance system makes for good coverage of a small to medium size home or a small business. If it is a home that you bought the system for, you can monitor your front and back door, plus survey your driveway and perhaps install a camera inside the home overlooking high dollar items as well. If it is a business you are protecting, again the front and back door can be covered, plus you can monitor employees and customers by installing a camera by the cash register or by the dressing rooms. Of course, where you place your surveillance cameras is ultimately up to you. However, 4 cameras should give you enough flexibility (for a small property) to cover your most vulnerable areas.

HomeSecurityStore.com has several 4 camera Surveillance systems to choose from. Some of these system DVRs can only support up to 4 cameras while others have more than 4 channels. The number of channels a DVR has is the number of cameras it can support.

Most surveillance systems today use DVRs to store footage. Within the DVR is a hard drive, which at times is removable. The footage typically can then be exported to be stored on a computer’s hard drive or backed by a CD or DVD. You can also program your DVR to record over old footage once the hard drive memory is full.

Typically, 4 camera systems are hardwired. When selecting such a surveillance system ensure that your cable length is long enough to make if from the area where you want to install the camera to the area where the DVR will be housed.

4 Camera Systems

Minimal Price: $293.75