CCTV Warning Signs

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Security Camera CCTV Warning Signs

Whether you actually own a video surveillance system or not, CCTV Surveillance Warning Signs

CCTV warning signs and decals can easily be displayed on windows or posted in your yard to indicate that you have a surveillance system in place and that trespassers are being watched even as they read the sign.

If you do actually have a surveillance system in place, placement of security camera warning signs should be placed in close proximity to the surveillance cameras and should be clearly visible. Furthermore, in some states it is mandated that you use a surveillance sign when a camera is recording images.

These warning signs should be bright and easy to read both day and night and from a distance. The signs should not fade easily, should be made of long term outdoor durable material and ink, and should be rust-free. A simple message displayed warning potential intruders that CCTV cameras are in use is pretty much all that is needed.

Whether these Surveillance Camera signs will be used to improve your business security or home security, a warning sign is an effective and economical choice. In addition to Surveillane Camera warning signs and decals, reflective height indicator tape is offered. This tape will help record the approximate height of individuals as they enter or leave your business or home.

CCTV Warning Signs

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