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Spy Gear

Everyone gets a little fun on the inside when they think about spy gear. Who wouldn’t want to have cool gadgets like James Bond, Austin Powers or Batman? Spy gear is technology and surveillance at its best and that’s why HomeSecurityStore.com stocks some of the best, baddest and most discreet equipment in the industry. The question is: How big do you want to go?

Our Spy Gear focuses on picking up images and/or sound with Digital Recorders, so nearly all of our spy products have built in surveillance cams. If you want to take your spy on-the-go, take a look at our Covert Sunglass Camera: sunglasses with a built-in camera that attaches to a DVR with live feed imaging and fits right in your pocket.

Has someone been stealing money from your bedroom drawer? Consider an Alarm Clock Hidden Camera or Hidden Camera Wall Clock. Our hidden cameras are amazingly well-built and, if positioned correctly, will pick up footage of your entire bedroom, or other parts of the house if you’d prefer it somewhere else.

If you’re more interested in monitoring someone’s movements while logged on to a personal computer, check out products like the Spy Cobra Deluxe PC Monitoring USB Flash Drive which records everything a person does on their computer AND emails you instantly at every stroke of their keyboard.

Spy gear equals safety. It ceases worry and puts you in more control of your life. Protection is bliss, and HomeSecurityStore.com has the Spy Gear you need to feel safe 24/7.

Spy Gear

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