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SleuthGear Zone Shield Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier Add-On

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This SleuthGear Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier can be added to your existing Zone Shield Quad or Quad LCD Wireless camera receiver set.
Brand: KJB Security
Part Number: C1562

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KJB Security



Ingenious Spy Camera

The C1562 - SleuthGear Zone Shield Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier Add-On is an ingenious covert spy camera meant to be added to your previously existing SleuthGear Zone Shield Hidden Camera and Quad Receiver. Every Quad Receiver supports up to 4 spy cameras and without a shadow of doubt, our experts at HomeSecurityStore.com confirm that this air purifier spy camera should be one of your add-on spy cams.

Why? Sometimes, the best form of home security is the unseen. Human actions are much different once they realize they are under surveillance. And air purifiers subtly blend in to every single room in a home. Combine all those and what do you get? The best, most secretive CCTV system any home, apartment or condominium owner could ask for.

High Quality Camera

It's important to know that this is a fully functional air purifier and a hidden camera- both able to function at the same time. The camera is located inside the "S" underneath the purifier's fan (see photo). The camera shoots in color at 500 TV Lines (TVL), or 720x480 pixel resolution. That's a whole lot of performance and capability for an affordable price. A remote control is included to activate the spy camera and begin recording.

After the camera is activated, your video feed is sent to the Quad LCD Receiver. The Quad Receiver connects this masterly spy gadget to a DVR, monitor- and takes monitoring on-the-go- with your computer, smart phone or tablet. The benefits of the C1562 - SleuthGear Zone Shield Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier Add-On decisively outweigh the alternative. If it's time to take more control of your life, start with your home and start with this spy camera's ingenious design.

Please Note: You must have previously purchased a Zone Shield Quad Receiver or Quad LCD Receiver wireless system for this camera to work.


  • Easy Remote view with no IP Set-up Required
  • Connect and Record up to 4 cameras with Quad View
  • Get 64 plus hours of recording time with 32Gb SD card
  • Wireless transmission up to 700 feet with no interference
  • RCA and USB Compatible
  • Optional Built-in Screen with QUAD LCD models
  • Add a Night Vision-hidden camera for after dark recording
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number C1562
What's in the box (1) SleuthGear Zone Shield Wireless Hidden Camera Air Purifier Add-On


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System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 (.NET Framework 3.5 higher)
Display Card Independent display card and support DirectX 9.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Memory 1GB
CPU 2.0GHz or higher(only support x86 and x64)
Channels Hopping 24 channels
Frequency 2408.625 ~ 2470.5 MHz
Power Consumption 12V 270mA (with camera) 12V 120mA (w/o camera)
Power 12V
Resolution / Frame Rate 720x480@30fps
Transmission distance 150M (line of sight)
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