Security Lights

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Security Lights

Burglars fear lights. Their goal is to be unnoticeable as possible and when a light suddenly brightens your property, their only choice is to run. You’d surprised how much protection a simple security light can give your property. Here at, we have a huge stock of security lights from simple to elaborate because we understand that for comfort, you need choices.

If you’re looking for a very simple security light, consider an outdoor motion light, which installs outside of your property and is sure to brighten any burglar’s face when they trigger the motion detector attached to the light.

For something a little more technologically-sound, our floodlights fire up to 60 watts worth of light on your property- no burglar can hide from that kind of power. They usually work from dusk till dawn and charge on solar power; fully charged they protect for up to 8 hours straight and work automatically. Simple or elaborate, the choice is yours.

Things to consider when searching for your Security Light:

What are you using it for? Home? Business? Driveway? Front yard? Backyard? Usually, driveways are the best place for Security Lights because almost everyone who enters your property has to pass through your driveway to get to any entrance.

Does it have a motion sensor or will it run nonstop throughout the night? It’s a preference thing- some people prefer nonstop lighting while some like the fear that burglars all of a sudden feel when motion lights flick on out of nowhere.

How bright is it? Research wattage, environmental conditions and distance between homes. Being courteous to your neighbors ultimately leads to a healthier and more trustworthy neighborhood.

Security Lights

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