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Solar Powered Security Lights

Get the power of solar on your side, with advanced solar lights from We carry the best selection of quality lights from leading manufacturers like WINN and Maxsa, and we have nearly two dozen affordable options to choose from. These lights use the power of LED to provide incredible illumination wherever and whenever you need it, and all without taking a toll on your electric bill. Installation is incredibly simple, and the prices are some of the best you'll find.

The Ultimate in Burglar Deterrence

The majority of the lights you'll find in this section are motion activated, and that equates to improved home security. Since the lights are triggered by movement, they immediately lift the veil on criminals who work under the cover of darkness, and motion-activated lights have been proven highly effective in deterring burglars. Even if you have no other home security devices installed, these simple lights can be extremely helpful.

Energy Savings

These solar-powered security lights have some impressive upfront costs, but the real savings are realized over the long run. Since these lights run entirely on solar power, they won't negatively impact your energy costs, and if you're passionate about sustainability, you can take comfort in knowing that they rely on the power of the sun without depleting our natural resources. The benefits just keep adding up, and we take great care to only stock the highest-quality solar lights on the market.

Lights for a Variety of Needs

These lights all use the same energy, but they're designed for a wide variety of uses. For instance, we carry lights for porches, yards, walkways and borders, decks and even sheds. From individual lights to multi-light sets, you can find exactly what you're looking for to meet your needs. All of our lights use high-efficiency LED bulbs for maximum brightness and longevity, and all are weatherproof and made from the most durable construction. If you're not looking for motion-activated lights, we also have many that automatically work from sunset to sunrise.

Experience Solar Power is pleased to offer the ultimate selection of solar-powered lights at the best prices available. Explore the full array, and stock up on solar lights to improve both the safety and appearance of your home or business. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have any questions about our solar lights or other high-quality security products, please let us know.

Solar Powered

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