14 LED Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Floodlight

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You may know your way around the front yard. Visitors, on the other hand, probably won't enjoy tripping up that poorly lit walkway. Installing a motion-activated ligh
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Part Number: 40217

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You may know your way around the front yard. Visitors, on the other hand, probably won't enjoy tripping up that poorly lit walkway. Installing a motion-activated light is the perfect solution for guiding guests to and from your house.

Sure, seeing where you are going is a nice amenity. However, adding any type of lighting that is triggered by a person or event can also be used as an effective, affordable security solution. When someone approaches your house, garage, shed or boat, a motion-activated light can illuminate that specific area-which can typically startle potential intruders and others that might not be expecting someone to be home.

The idea of adding lighting into your home's mix is surely enticing, but sometimes also frightening. Some definitely don't like the idea of messing with anything that involves electrical wiring. After all, many of your outdoor areas, usually the ones that need a little extra lighting, probably don't have pre-existing wiring you can use. Instead of worrying about running cable and finding empty outlets, the Maxsa 40217 taps into solar power to produce the same lighting effects. That's right; you aren't the only one that likes to soak up rays on the deck. The 40217 has 14 LEDs (light-emitting-diodes), which love to capture that free energy for later, when you can't use the sun as your guide. Of course, sometimes you need light in the darkest places, where even sunlight never sees. The 40217 also includes a 9-foot cord, so you can stretch it out for maximum sunlight exposure during the day.

The 40217 might soak up the sun's rays, but it won't waste one penny of your electric bill. Because the unit is motion-activated, it only illuminates when you need it. Not that it matters, though; the unit uses three included rechargeable batteries for easy setup and operation.

When someone approaches the setup, the passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor kicks in to activate the security light. No programming, no computers and no upkeep all equal no worries! Maxsa says that when the light has been charging in full sunlight, it can activate up to 180 times-if the lighting is on for a minute at a time. That's all you should need to scare off burglars or get groceries from the car.

Also, you won't have to worry about rain, snow, or other weather conditions. The 40217 has a completely weatherproof enclosure to protect it from any outdoor elements. Speaking of those elements: Wind, pets or other elements shouldn't get in the system's way, and trigger any false alarms. Easy side dials allow you to kill the light during the day, and even adjust just how sensitive you want your motion-sensitive unit to be.

The setup couldn't be simpler overall. No programming or professionals are needed; the kit even comes with the solar panel and all of the mounting hardware you will need.


Solar Panel

  • Throughout the day, the solar charge panel converts direct sunlight into electricity to charge the battery inside the light. When charged in full sunlight, the Solar Security Light can activate up to 180 times when on for 1 minute at a time.
  • Durable weatherproof housing protects the solar panel in all weather conditions. * Complete with a 9 foot cable, the 4.7 x 3.2 inch solar panel can be positioned away from the light to receive the most sunlight, including on rooftops.
  • Adjustable solar panel for either flat or angled rooftops. Security Light
  • Includes 14 long-lasting Super Bright LED lights (non replaceable bulbs)
  • Internal reflector for bright light output
  • Motion activated for security and safety
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity dial helps prevent false triggering from pets or winds.
  • Lux level adjustments dial prevents the light from operating during daylight hours.
  • Time adjustment dial allows you to control how long the light will stay on for when activated
  • Adjustable 180 deg swiveol head and sensor
  • Mounting screws and hardware included.
  • IP44 weatherproof rating
  • AUTO/OFF switch control
  • Includes three rechargeable 1.2V Ni-Mh batteries.
  • Built-in circuit protector helps prevent over charge or discharge of battery.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number 40217
What's in the box (1) 14 LED Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Floodlight


Spend the extra money and get a better light. The light itself ...Review by name withheld
Spend the extra money and get a better light. The light itself is not that bright at all, and any time it rains, it takes DAYS for the sensor to dry out so it'll work again, despite our attempts to make sure the sensor water-tight. (Posted on 2/17/12)
I ordered and received the 40217 light and it was delivered as ...Review by Kirk A.
I ordered and received the 40217 light and it was delivered as promised. It even worked right out of the box, but not very bright. I put the light under full solar exposure for three days as instructed. It still had not reached full light brightness. I opened the battery box and did a voltage test on each battery
and the whole pack. I even tested the out put of the solar panel. All components were above grade except one Ni-Mh battery. I called tech service and got an RMA, packaged every thing back up, paid $9.38 to UPS and shipped it back to the store.
The original shipping cost was $5.75 + $9.38 = $15.38. I complained of this and the tech said that's how it works. He would however pull a replacement light and have it up and running when my return arrived.
The return light did arrive and expecting the light to work; it did not. I put the light again under full solar exposure for another three days. It still did not work. I opened the battery box again and discovered this time that two of the batteries would not take a charge. Only one batery would measure acceptable voltage.
I resolved the problem with the store's policies and my desire to have this solar light which I had determined would suit my needs, buy purchasing a complete new set of batteries and installing them into the light's battery box. The light has passed all tests that I have subjected it to and now I am about to put it into service.
Conclusion: The light comes equiped with three Ni-Mh rechargable batteries. The customer can save money by not sending the product back till they have tested it with new batteries. BUYER BEWARE!
I asked the tech if the store could just send me one battery after the first failure. That was not within protocol, so now they have an unsatisfied customer who solved their problem at his own expense.
KASE (Posted on 8/16/10)

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