Burglar Deterrent

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Burglar Deterrent

If simplicity is your plan of attack against burglary, we at HomeSecurityStore.com have what you need to trick a thief into thinking you have a greater alarm system than you actually do. We carry everything from Warning signs to fake guard dog alarms and our experts are always thinking ahead to protect your family and your home on a budget.

You’d be surprised how effectively you can protect your house with simple items like Dummy Cameras Warning 24 hour video surveillance sign. If you want something a little more intimidating, our fake Laser Scanner makes the inside or outside of your house look like a well-protected fortress and burglars will never know that it’s fake!

If a burglar is ahead of the game, they may know how to Key-bump the lock on your front door, allowing them easy access and what would appear to be a non-forced entry. Luckily, we have items like the Keypout Lock Bumping/Dead Bolt Protector that turns a simple lock into a five star safe for the things that mean most to you in the world.

If you want a full proof plan- scaring a burglar outside and protecting your close possessions inside- check out the HomeSecurityStore.com Deterrent Kit which includes a warning sign for the front lawn or driveway, stickers for the windows, a Fake television light (from the outside makes it looks like somebody is home) and a hairspray bottle that is actually a hidden safe to protect things like cash and jewelry should a burglar get in.

There are ways to protect your home without going big and we have the tools you need to do it here at HomeSecurityStore.com.

Burglar Deterrent

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