Biometric Readers

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Biometric Readers

Biometric technologies are changing the game for home security. Technicians and engineers are constantly working to integrate new and more sophisticated means of biometric defense, and the latest innovations are capable of reading fingerprints, palm prints, faces and retinas. There are scanners for tongues, voices, handwriting, keystroke dynamics and even body odor. Believe it or not, there are biometric readers even capable of identifying you based on how you walk. We’re truly living in the future, but security experts agree that the most reliable, time-tested and cost-effective biometric technology is the reading of fingerprints. At, we’re pleased to offer the latest biometric fingerprint lock technologies as part of our superior selection.

How Does it Work?

The technology may be complex, but the execution is simple. Your finger is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint, which is marked by computer algorithms and stored in an internal database. Once your fingerprint is scanned and identified as a match, you are granted access within seconds. Only pre-authorized people can successfully pass a biometric reader. It’s that simple. There are no keys, key cards or number sequences which can be passed around or easily stolen.

Check Out Our Most Popular Items

We have many options to choose from. For instance, we encourage you to check out the ADEL Trinity 788. With this revolutionary reader, you can replace your traditional door knob with an easy-to-use stainless steel fingerprint lock that delivers to perfection. The Trinity 788 is a standalone, battery-operated lock which brings together the most cutting-edge biometric technologies. There are three access methods: fingerprint, PIN code, and mechanical key for emergency use.

This Isn’t Science Fiction

Remember, biometric fingerprint readers are great for residential and commercial use, because the duplication of fingerprint technology is virtually impossible. You may have seen popular spy thrillers where savvy characters used photocopies of fingerprints to gain access, but that’s all make believe. Fortunately, biometric technology is not.

Go Biometric

If you want 21st century technology at a 20th century price, step up to the biometric solution. offers the best selection of high-tech biometric readers which are priced to own and guaranteed to revolutionize your home or commercial security. Explore each product, compare your options, and find what you’re looking for. We’ll ship your order in as little as one day

Biometric Readers

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