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WIRELESS 1000 - RCTD-10U - Optex Wireless Alert Driveway Alarm

WIRELESS 1000 - RCTD-10U - Optex Wireless Alert Driveway Alarm
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I have owned OPTEX products for over 20 years. This one is simply BETTER than the rest.

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase!

There is a newer model of this item:

  WIRELESS2000 - RCTD-20U Optex Wireless Alert Driveway Alarm
Price:  $118.50
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This product has been replaced by the Optex Wireless 2000. Please visit the product page for more information.

This Wireless 1000 Visitor Driveway Alarm from OPTEX is among Home Security Store's most highly rated and recommended products. That's because with the Wireless 1000, OPTEX has perfected reliable wireless technology in the long RF transmission range, which for this unit stretches to an amazing 1,000 feet!

The Wireless 1000 is ideal for use in a myriad of ways, including:

  • As a perimeter alert for your home or shop
  • As a driveway alarm to detect approaching vehicles
  • An entry or walkway chime
  • A wireless doorbell
  • A warehouse delivery notification system

Additionally, the Wireless 1000 is an excellent tool for commercial uses, including monitoring shoplifting zones, dressing & fitting rooms, unauthorized exits, jewelry display boxes and drive-up windows.

The Wireless 1000 comes equipped with TWO detection patterns that can adjust easily for perfect aiming:

  • A long range of 50 feet
  • A fan pattern range of 17 feet

In addition, the Wireless 1000 can alert you by 3 different chime tones that a zone has been breached. The alert tones have 5 different sensitivity levels and can be set to sound up to 80 dB. If you choose to incorporate more transmitters, the receiver can also identify which zones have been breached by certain tones. Up to 12 transmitters can be incorporated.

One of the more useful features of the Wireless 1000 is that it not only operates efficiently as a perimeter awareness system, but you can make it so that it also triggers other devices, like door strikes, lights, sirens, cameras, and more. This trigger system utilizes a weatherproof motion detection sensor that is about the size of a softball and can be mounted easily on any walls, ceilings, fence posts or desktops both in-and-outside your home or business.

For your convenience, it is also possible to work the feature manually using a hand-held push-button device with a transmission range of an impressive 700 feet. (Sold separately, see accessories tab)

Installing the Wireless 1000 is easy! Just two buttons prompt all the set-up functions needed, and since the system is entirely wireless, no wiring of any kind is required. The sensor operates off a 9V battery meant to last an average of two years, while the receiver operates with an AC adapter included in the kit.

Additional Features

  • The Sensor Has a Newly Developed Non-Directional Antenna
    All wireless transmitters have “dead spots” within their transmission range. The sensor’s improved antenna design greatly reduces “dead spots” to make installation easier and increase reliability.

  • The Transmitter Has a High Gain Antenna & Narrow Band Tuning
    Optimal antenna design and fine RF tuning achieve a high signal to noise rate, ensuring long range and consistent operation.

  • More Than 8 Million Codes
    Transmission codes are preset at the factory with over 8 million possibilities, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference or crosstalk.

  • Low Battery Signal
    Low battery indication by tone and LED tells you when to replace batteries and prevents malfunctions.

  • Sensor Chime Box w/ Relay
    Form C relay for activating other devices (50V AC 1A max. or 24V DC 1A max.) with adjustable output duration.

  • OPTEX Part Number

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How loud is the chime?
    80 decibels, or about as loud as an alarm clock.

  2. Can you add more than 4 transmitters to 1 receiver?
    A total of 12 transmitters can be programmed in a single receiver.

  3. Where can you find a replacement power-supply for the receiver?
    The receiver uses any 9VDC adapter, which can be purchased at your local electronics supply store. Thus eliminating the need for an online order.

  4. What does the Repeater do?
    The Repeater allows the transmission range to be extended between the chime box and the transmitter. That way you can set the transmitter further away or in a place that is not within a clear line of sight, and the Repeater in-between will allow a signal to travel undisturbed. (Sold Separately)

  5. What is the handheld transmitter used for?
    The hand-held transmitter features a push-button which will send a signal to the chime-box. The handheld transmitter can be used as a location finder for the blind, or can be programmed to release door strikes or magnetic locks.

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1. David McDonald on 1/15/2013, said:

The day after my car was vandalized in my driveway about 3 years ago, I purchased this product and now NO ONE enters my driveway without my knowing. Works great...about 200 ft from the transmitter, at my rear driveway entrance, to the receiver in the front room of my house. Costs less than my insurance deductable.

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2. Donna Marie on 8/29/2012, said:

I purchased this item several years ago and it works exactly as it states. It alerts when anyone enters the driveway or yard. On top of that, the manual didn't explain how to change the battery (transmitter worked for years on 1 9v battery) and I called Tech Support. They provided the exact way to change the battery, several years after I purchased the product. Thank Home Security for selling quaity products they advertise and for standing behind their Tech Support.

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3. Anonymous User on 1/20/2012, said:

Had for about 10 years, still working fine at about 200'.

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Model RC-10 Receiver TD-10 Transmitter
Description Chime Box w/Relay Indoor/Outdoor Sensor transmitter
Detection method Passive infrared
Detection pattern 50ft (15m) long range
17ft (5m) fan pattern
Angle adjustment 90° vertically & ±5° horizontally or
±5° vertically & 90° horizontally
Power source DC 9V (exclusive AC adaptor) 9V: alkaline battery
Power consumption Standby: 1W, Operating: 2W
Battery life Approx. 2yrs
[250/day at 70°F (20°C)]
Chime tone 3 tone & 1 alarm (optional)
Volume Adjustable: 0~80dB/5 levels
(Continuous zone: max.)
Relay output 50V AC 1A max or
24V DC 1A max.
Output timer Selectable: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility output mode
Status indicator Power indicator: green LED
Zone indicator: red LED × 3
Radio frequency 418MHz 418MHz
Max. transmission range 1000ft (line of sight)
Operating temperature 15°F~104°F (-10°C~+40°C) 15°F~120°F (-10°C~+50°C)
Water resistance IP54
Installation location Indoor Outdoor/Indoor
Weight 6.0oz (170g) 6.3oz (180g)
Accessories AC adaptor × 1
Mounting screw × 1
Mounting screw × 2
TS-10U - Optex Wireless Hand Held Transmitter
Price: $31.72
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TR-10U - Indoor Repeater for WIRELESS1000
Price: $107.00
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(1) RC-10 Chime Box w/ Relay
(1) TD-10 In/Outdoor Sensor Transmitter
(1) 9VDC Adapter
Mounting Hardware
Data Sheet
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Programming Worksheet
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Installation Manual - RC-10U
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Installation Manual - TD-10U
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RC10u Installation Manual
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TS10u Manual
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Zone 1 Chime Sample
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Zone 2 Chime Sample
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Zone 3 Chime Sample
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