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VA6000S - Voice Alert 6 Wireless System

VA6000S - Voice Alert 6 Wireless System
Manufacturer:  Voice Alert  SKU:  VA6000S
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One week after I installed the unit it PREVENTED my new truck from being stolen!

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The Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator sets a new standard in cost-effective, customized security and notification for homes and small businesses. Using the latest technology in wireless PIR and digital voice recording, Voice Alert System-6 offers:

  • 6-Zone Monitoring Capability
  • Customized Voice-Recordable Alerts
  • All Weather, Wireless PIR Sensor Transmitters
  • Multiple Beam Patterns for Optimal Detection
  • Adjustable Mounting, Beam Sensitivity, and Delay Timer
  • 4 "C" Relays to Trigger Additional Devices
  • When a zone is breached, a signal is sent up to 1000 ft (300 ft through walls) to the remote Base Unit which plays one of six user voice-recorded messages identifying the zone.
  • Common applications include: Wireless Driveway Alarm, Perimeter Security, Customer and Visitor Notification, Customer Greeting, Child Safety, Pool Security, Delivery and Supply Room Monitoring, and
  • Annunciation of activity at CCTV Camera.

To install, simply mount the PIR where you need zone control, plug in the base unit and then record a voice message to identify each zone. Other features include: on/off switch, audio line output connection, adjustable volume control, missed message indicator, missed message playback, one button message check, enable/disable PIR switch, and low battery voice notification. Voice Alert System-6 is an excellent plug and play solution for hard-to-wire areas.


  • Records six separate user recorded voice messages, ~6.0 seconds each.
  • Supports an unlimited number of Sensor/Transmitters.
  • Volume Control knob allows you to set the message volume to suit your needs.
  • Message playback buttons allow you to test each recorded message.
  • Digital recording chip allows you to change voice messages easily.
  • Missed message indicator alerts you of activity that occurred in your absence.
  • Low battery indicator and message identifies sensors that have a low battery.
  • Solid-state construction.
  • Powerful 433.92 MHz receiver.
  • Magnetically shielded speaker.
  • FCC Part 15 approved.
  • Receiver Stability: Crystal
  • Receiver sensitivity: -100dBm


  • Monitored range: 40 X 40 feet when installed at 7 1/2 feet above the ground.
  • Passive infrared (heat) motion detection technology.
  • Installation kit includes double stick mounting tape and screws.
  • Lightweight all-weather construction for use indoors or outside.
  • 9V alkaline battery lasts up to 1 year.
  • Transmits up to 1000 feet to Receiver/Speaker in open space and up to 300 feet through walls.
  • LED transmit display when motion is detected (on/off switch selectable).
  • Powerful 433.92 MHz transmitter.
  • FCC Part 15 approved.
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1. unkown1 on 1/25/2013, said:

it detects a small cat less than 10 lbs ?!?

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2. david on 12/6/2012, said:

Will not transmit into the house. Only have drywall & vinyl siding but no signal. Therefor it's worthless to me.

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3. Jack on 9/28/2012, said:

I first installed this system back in the fall of 2008 and saw the potential for expansion. For the last 3 yr's I have been running 15 sensors (12 zones) with two receivers, with another receiver still in the box as a back-up. Nothing moves around our house, driveway & outbuildings without us knowing about it. When I first got the system my wife asked if I thought "we really needed it." I smiled a few months later when I heard her on the phone with her mother saying, "I don't know how we lived without the sensors." The beauty of running multiple sensors & zones is that you can get "direction of travel" when multiple sensor trips are involved. At times, when investigating "trips" I'll call my cell phone from the house phone then leave the house phone near the receivers and use my blue tooth device so I can hear any subsequent sensor trips while outside moving around the property & barns. The reason I'm back to The Home Security Store is that I'm adding 2 more sensors to the mix and expanding my existing zones of coverage. I always paint my sensors to match where they will be mounted and when camo'd they almost dissapear when mounted on a tree, barn etc. Signed, Secure in Michigan

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4. Al on 9/15/2012, said:

I have had this system for over 4 years and it is great. You cannot get by it, it will get you everytime. No problems at all

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5. a-customer on 8/26/2012, said:

I have some suggestions to improve this product: 1) Redesign the sensor with higher technology to improve reliability and reduce false alarm( compare to TOWER-20 MCW outdoor motion detector). 2) Add feature ON/OFF for each monitoring zone. Example: when we work in the back yard we want the back yard OFF but we still want the front monitored; we don't want turn off the whole thing. 3) The mounting bracket need to be firmer to handle strong wind and easier to adjust once it's mounted. It must be designed to adapt various different mounting locations.

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6. Anonymous User on 7/23/2012, said:

We live isolated in the woods. I purchased the VA 6000S about 6 months ago with 5 extra sensors. My wife and I sleep much better knowing that the complete perimeter of the house is covered. We had an alert at the basement area a month ago at 3am and I was on the spot with the 40 S&W with light and laser in time to see a big dog just leaving. No 2 legged intruders yet. I think it is a well designed and built system. My grandson wants one for his home now.

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7. Anonymous User on 4/3/2012, said:

Where I 4 wheel at in Breathitt County Kentucky thieves are as thick as the chiggers...I bought the voice alert system with 3 sensors programmed for front door, back door and 4 wheeler. I wired up 9v battery supplies from radio shack to the sensors which work great! I keep the receiver by my bed. When it goes off I go off with Taurus Judge in hand.

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8. Anonymous User on 2/23/2012, said:

When a burglar broke out a back door window of my mobile home and attempted entry it alerted a relative next door...the blinking light sent them scurrying...a Kentucky State Trooper investigated...his comment was..." He has this place well protected"...true story my friend!

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9. Anonymous User on 2/10/2012, said:

I have had nothing but problems since day 1 with the unit. It will only occasionally work. If a clear and absolute direct line of sight is not achieved expect nothing. Also the temperature/weather ratings are a bit off. We are having the most beautiful winter I have ever seen in 30 years (this year less than 6 inches of snow and we usually get just short of 10 feet, and the average temperature has been around 40-45 degrees which is well above the minimal rating) and have yet to have a complete 4 days of operation. I have gone to great lengths to insure correct installation (i.e. out of direct sunlight, direct line of sight, proper height from ground etc.) and have had little to no luck with this product working consistently.

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10. Anonymous User on 6/23/2011, said:

In less than one week we caught two teenagers trying to break into our cars. Voice alert went off at 4:30am...within 10 seconds we had a 911 call off to police and a visual of the boys....the voice alert actually went off before my motion senor lights went off. When the lights came on the boys ran but I was able to identify one of them. Voice Alert was incredibly easy to install and we have had no false alerts. I only have one sensor in my front yard/driveway area and one in the back. I much rather deal with an perimeter breach than an interior one! Great product!

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11. Anonymous User on 5/31/2011, said:

We have a boarding stables and have been broken into several times, after the second time we purchased the voice alert system and 2 extra alarms. We have had it about 2 years now and this weekend the one in the barn went off about 4 in the morning. Due to the voice alert, we were able to save about $10,000 worth of tack . We were out there in 30 seconds and they were SURPRISED thanks voice alert.

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12. Anonymous User on 4/11/2011, said:

Works as it's supposed to. A well made system, easily set up. My only complaint would be the lack of being able to turn off individual area detectors from receiver console. Apparently relatively "false proof". MUCH better quality than X-1? equipment!

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13. Anonymous User on 10/29/2010, said:

This unit works great. It really alerts you when there is a perosn in the zone you are protection. Batteries in detectors should be changed 1 time per year. I recomentd this unit

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14. Nicholas on 6/29/2010, said:

I bought this three years ago to help with break-ins into my vehicles and shed. I works well and transmits fine. I currently have two in my yard but will be putting more in to alert me if someone comes onto the property. The voice recording is great becasue i immediatly know where the bad guy is

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15. David on 12/15/2007, said:

Have been looking for a reasonable system for traffic control in an industrial environment where the security contract didn't include a more elaborate gate motion detection system. Have tried several other over the counter detectors and found they don't stand up well to outside use, eat batteries precociously, and faiil to alert on too many occasions. The voice alert sounds good because each of up to three monitors can be individually programmed, setup is quick and highly intuitive and the monitors come with swivel heads that make adjustment quick and easy. Overall have been pleased with the first month of use. The detector beams are rather short ranged and need to be fine tuned. A little experimentation and we found ideal sites to post them to. Am concerned with the robustness of the monitors. Their rather plain plastic and the seal around the front face is cheap. It's a pretty good system. Think the monitors are grossly overpriced. The base station is well worth the cost. All my gaurd crews have reacted favorably to it.

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Voice Alert System-6 Receiver/Speaker

General Specifications  
  Records six separate voice messages (6 seconds each)
Supports an unlimited number of Sensor Transmitters
Speaker volume control
Audio Line Output Connection
Individual "C" relays enable other devices to be triggered
FCC Part 15 Approved
Low Battery LED indicates sensor w/low battery
Low Battery voice message identifies specific zone
AC/DC Power Adapter - 6" cord length
Voice message (user initiated) One button for each zone
Voice message (transmitter initiated) Programmed to desired message (user programmable)
Missed message indicator Flashing LED
Missed message playback Push button
Receiver type Super Heterodyne
Frequency of receiver 433.92 MHz
Method of recording Digital, solid state, user-recordable
Receiver Stability Crystal
Receiver Sensitivity 100dBm
Power Requirement 117V AC - 60Hz
Power Input 9VDC - 1 AMP
Installation Wall or tabletop
Receiver/Speaker Dimensions 8.50" W x 1.75" H x 5.75" D

Wireless PIR Sensor/Transmitter

General Specifications  
  Adjustable (rotating, pivoting) sensor mounting
Indoor/outdoor all-weather construction
Adjustable delay timer (0-3 minutes)
Enable/Disable PIR Switch
Built-in Contact Closure Connection
Battery operated - 9V battery included
Monitored Range 40" x 40" feet
Method of Intrusion Detection Pyroelectric Infrared Detector (Heat)
Adjustable Beams Default: Fan Beam approximately 40" x 40" (mounted 7.5")
Options: Vertical Beam, Horizontal Beam
Frequency of RF Transmitter 433.92 MHz
Output Power FCC Part 15 Approved
Transmission Distance up to 1000" in open space (300 feet through walls)
Transmitter Modulation OOK (On Off Keying)
Code Programming User programmable 256 codes
Power Management Battery saver settings
Sensor/Transmitter Dimensions 2.38" W x 5.00" H x 5.00" D
Operating Temperature 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C)
VA6000T - Voice Alert Wireless Sensor
Price: $59.75
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(1) Receiver/Speaker
(1) Sensor/Transmitter
(1) AC Adapter
(1) Mounting Plate
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