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RWA-300R - Chamberlain Reporter Wireless Motion Alert System

RWA-300R - Chamberlain Reporter Wireless Motion Alert System
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This wireless motion alert driveway alarm system from Chamberlain provides added peace of mind without wires or power connections. It can be placed near your driveway, storage areas, doors and windows, pool gate, or - it’s even small enough to fit inside a commercial jewelry display box.

Just place the sensor near any location needing notification or protection. If the sensor detects activity it will send a signal to the receiver which will then sound a tone and flash a red alert light. For ultimate protection, the receiver can even be set to trigger your home alarm system, plus it can be set to activate other devices such as a doorbell, buzzer, or light.

The RWA-300R detects motion up to 30 feet away with a wide 120 degree coverage range. The alert system is portable and lightweight for use inside or outside. The sensor comes in a dark green color and has a tough weather-proof and water-proof exterior which makes it durable in even the most extreme conditions.

The RWA-300R uses a passive infrared sensor to detect movement of people and vehicles. The sensor has an adjustable sensitivity which prevents false alarms from small animals and such. In addition, the sensor can be mounted and should be able to swivel as needed.

The RWA-300R can work with up to 4 sensors. The receiver runs on one 9 volt battery and the sensor requires 4 AA batteries which should last up to two years. Batteries are not included within the kit.

The RWA-300R is very easy to install and maintain. There is a 3 page user’s manual which walks you through the installation and testing process.

This wireless motion alert and driveway alarm system is part of Chamberlain’s Do-It-Yourself product line. Chamberlain is one of the most trusted names on the market when it comes to driveway alarms, garage door openers, and gate operators.

Please note that the manufacturer lists the range from base to sensor to be 900 feet. However, this range may be obstructed by walls and other structures. Home Security Store technicians have found the system to work around 100 feet within the confines of an average home’s interior and exterior walls.

Here is a recap with some additional Features:

• New feature: Temporary mute - A one button press can stop alerts for one hour.
• Reports up to 4 individual transmitters, each with a distinct ring.
• PIR Transmitter operates on 4xAA batteries for 2 years.
• PIR features adjustable sensitivity and detection range.
• Sensor water and sun shield helps to eliminate false alarms.
• Battery back-up feature in the receiver, with low battery notification.
• Water-proof in any climate. UV hardened for the hottest climates.
• Receiver features sound control; adjust for how long to sound or delete internal buzzer.
• Code learning system only responds to sensors assigned to it.
• Receiver features outputs to drive external bell or alarms.
• Can be used to trigger your home or commercial alarm.
• Each transmitter can report to multiple receivers.
• Extremely easy to use and install.
• Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warrantee.
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1. Leticia on 11/10/2013, said:

I've bought this product 10yrs ago. It's pricey, but well worth it! I love it... I have purchased other similar alert systems that didn't come close to "The Reporter". It's loud & has never failed me. My dog automatically will run to the front door when it sounds off. It's great for rainy, windy days/nights when it's hard to hear the out doors. I sleep well every night "The Reporter" gives me peace of mind knowing that no one will make it passed my front gates.***** My Old Reporter is still working :)

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2. Bill on 12/6/2008, said:

I LOVE my Reporter system. It not only lets me know when my company has arrived, it also will alert me of any unwanted, night time intruders. It's a must for a multi-layer, security system. Coupled with the night vision cameras, it will let you will know what time an intruder has trespassed so you will know what time to view on your camera playback, providing you with solid evidence. I have had my two, Reporter systems for one year, without any problems, and they're still going strong on the same, four, AA batteries. It is very easy to install, and move around to different locations. This system has provided me with a greater sense of security in my home. I highly recommend it to anyone who does not want a dog, but wants to be alerted. You cannot go wrong with this product! Rosie in Willits California.

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