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Visonic Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System

Visonic Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System
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Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  POWERMAXPLUS
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It was easy to install and it works really well. I am happy with my purchase. Be sure to call your insurance company, they gave me a discount on my premium!

Price:  $210.00

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The Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Home Security System is an affordable and very advanced home monitoring system, created for the do-it-yourself home owner ready to knit a warm blanket of protection over their property and loved ones. Great for homes, apartments, condos and small offices, this durable home security system is the best starter kit for defense against theft and fire.

This alarm key pad is your command center. It houses all of your settings along with the soft key control panel and siren. How will you know if your alarm has been triggered? The key pad incorporates hands free 2-way voice communication for constant connection between you and an alarm monitoring organization. That means full-time security, 24/7!

Just the right amount of accessories are included with this alarm kit for monitoring your property effectively. 2 easy installation door/window contacts are included to keep entry ways guarded and the control panel is capable of adding more transmitters at your discretion! A wireless Pet-tolerant PIR motion detector is also included and just like the contacts- even more can be added! The Plus's key fob makes arming and disarming simple from inside or outside your home and- yes, more of these can be added to this system as well!

With these accessories, you get 28 wireless zones of monitoring and 2 hardwired zones. We suggest this product for homes, apartments and small offices because that's a perfect amount of coverage for these properties.

Because of internet monitoring, you can add cameras to your system and monitor while you're away! With the POWERLINK video surveillance control unit, you have the option to add up to 4 wired or wireless color cameras (Note: The CAM-2000WL Wireless Color Camera is the only camera that will work with this system).

The PowerMax Plus Wireless Alarm System is a complete security solution for anyone ready to start building their safety now, while leaving the opportunity for expansion open for later.

PowerMax+ Features:

  • Supports camera connectivity for real-time viewing
  • Plug and Protect(TM) fast and easy installation
  • Complete home control solution - provides status updates & controls up to 15 electrical devices (dim/bright, etc.)
  • Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flood, smoke and gas detectors; door/window magnetic contact, and more
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones and regular phones.
  • Family message center with standard and remote access for voice recording/playback.
  • Remotely initiated hands-free 2-way voice communication.
  • Latchkey mode informs parents of a child's arrival to the home.
  • Easy and convenient programming options.
  • Intuitive textual and audible user interface with language adaptation.
  • Advanced jamming detection in compliance with the highest industry standards.
  • Full compliance with international standards and regulations.


I would like to purchase two Visonic POWERMAX+ systems but would like to use the same telephone line, is this possible?
Yes, both systems can use the same line. However, only one system can dial out at a time.

I don't like the Voice/Chime feature on the POWERMAX+, is there anything I can do?
The POWERMAX+ allows you to adjust the voice volume up or down. You may also turn off the feature entirely.

How loud is the built-in siren on the POWERMAX+ control panel?
The built-in siren on the POWERMAX+ features 85 decibels of volume.

What happens if the telephone line is cut before a possible intruder enters?
If the telephone line gets cut, the system will not dial out. However, the siren will still sound.

Can I use the SSX-81S-B - Amseco 25 Watt Armored Siren/Strobe with my POWERMAX+ Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System?
Yes it is possible, however you will need to add a power kit to your system for it to function. You can find it at PWRKT.

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1. Edison on 3/2/2014, said:

EDDIE: I have had this system for years and it has worked great and easy to set up and maintain and no breakin

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2. Keith on 12/6/2013, said:

I purchased this system for my cabin in 2006 after I had been broken into. The system works great, does everything it said it would. I have it set up to call my home phone if there is a problem. I just ordered replacement batteries for the unit for the second time. This was the first time I have ever installed a wireless alarm system so the biggest challenge for me was the instructions. The first day I worked on the installation for about two hours and got a headache so I quit. The next morning it came together and had it working in about an hour. I have not been broken into since I installed this system.

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3. mark on 11/14/2013, said:

Had this system since 2007 and have not had a moment's problem with it. Highly sophisticated and very easy to operate. It is in my vacation home and has been invaluable. Little or no attention is required with the exception of an occasional battery replacement in the devices. Highly recommend this system to anyone.

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4. Charles on 9/2/2013, said:

I've had this system since Sept. 2004. It has operated flawlessly. Only after 8 years did I get a low battery indication on one of the sensors. Decided to change them all. Operation is a breeze. This week my local police dept. came by my home to do a courtesy security check. The Visonic Powermax + got kudos. Police said I should have signs and stickers on windows as an additional deterrent. I am ordering them today.

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5. Rebecca on 7/12/2013, said:

I have had this for about 4 years. Replaced batteries and a couple of sensors stopped working so I replaced but it has been the best investment I have made for my home. It has paid for itself with the insurance savings alone but has also saved my home a couple of times. Please note: I do recommend an outdoor siren, It not only scares your crimal away but they leave behind puddles & don't return for seconds. My house has been left alone for the last 2-3 years now. :-) Daughter moved out & buying her one as she has requested.

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6. copracr on 4/23/2013, said:

This system has worked flawlessly for 5 years. Still on the original batteries! It's been so trouble free that I recently went around and tested every sensor to make sure they all still functioned correctly. I did the whole house and spent about $500, but I went nuts on sensors. With all the junk being sold that doesn't work or has a 1 year life expectancy, this is one of the few products that works as advertised these days. I'm completely satisfied.

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7. Vinny V on 3/10/2013, said:

Its has to be at the least 6 or 7 years since purchase of Visonic powermax. Over that span of time I have replaced a battery in my indoor motion sensor. It works flawlessly, no problems what so ever. Ive probally sold quite a few of these because I rely on it that much. I tell everybody how well it works. No monthly fee...Get it...

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8. Sharon Starr on 12/7/2012, said:

Got this wireless system up and running in about 2 hours. It wasn't a problem at all.

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9. Frank on 12/5/2012, said:

I have had the system for two years. Not a problem with the unit so far. I will purchase one for my mothers house. very happy customer.

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10. robert on 12/3/2012, said:

This is actually my second Visonic as I left a similar version of this system I bought in 2005 in my (now sold) home in Illinois. I had a lot of detectors and other spare devices from my original system so I wasn't about to 'experiment' with another system. I don't recall what version it was that I had but this newer version has some additional functionality that the first system didn't have, such as the 'follower' zones. Anyway, this is a great system and in all the time (6 years) I had it in Illinois it worked flawlessley and I expect that this upgraded version will as well.

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11. Richard Harrison on 9/12/2012, said:

It works as designed, but if you want to add a GSM modem don't buy the Powermax+ as Visonic is discontinuing it. I spent $1200 on the system 2 years ago and now want to add a GSM modem and was told I had to spend another $365 to buy the Powermax Pro in order to get the modem feature. Thinking of reconnecting my land line because of this.

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12. Bill. San Diego, CA. on 8/30/2012, said:

Good wireless security system and REALLY easy to install. Outstanding Telephone Support. We're pleased with our purchase.

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13. Bill on 8/27/2012, said:

Good system, easy install. Had the same alarm in my previous house, so I was very familiar with it already.

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14. Anonymous User on 7/10/2012, said:

I have had this unit installed for about 3 years. Awesome unit, very simple installation. I love the chime function with a 2 year old daughter running around I always know when she opens any exterior doors. I have never had any accidental activations, I've never replaced any of the batteries, and anytime I have ever needed tech support/parts Visonic was ON THE BALL. If you are looking for an easy to set up, customize, and affordable system look NO further.

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15. Anonymous User on 5/22/2012, said:

I've had this system in my home for the last 7+ years. I liked it so much that we bought one for my mother-in-law who stays by herself. She loves it and would not be able to stay alone without it. She has a fire/smoke detector acces. in her attic that is is awesome since she would not be able to hear a std smoke detector product. We do not have pay monthly to have the system monitored but instead enter our desired 4 tel numbers for the system to call. That is a big savings and still provided the monitoring we need. I like that this system is very customizable. I installed wireless and some wired sensors. Has lots of set-up choices to customize your security user needs. I'll buy another one at our next house.

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16. Anonymous User on 5/21/2012, said:

Excellent alarm system! The best feature about this alarm system is that it will notify you on your cell phone when the alarm is tripped.

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17. Anonymous User on 5/8/2012, said:

I purchased the Powemax several years ago. DIY installation is pretty easy if you read the manual AND watch the video. Customer support is very helpful and knowledgeable.

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18. Anonymous User on 2/15/2012, said:

The Powermax+ is a superb wireless system. Good wireless range (works for my garage zones 75' away from the Control Panel). This is my second Powermax+ unit,(the first one was zapped by lightning - Use a surge protector). It has more features than most would use, but, you do not need to use many of them. It is very difficult to program, but much easier the second time around. The CD instruction video is not useful. Plan on reading the manual several times. The X-10 units never did work, and are not worth purchasing. It has contacts for an external siren, which I found really important. Some tips to reduce the programming frustration: Engage the mounting bracket to the command unit, when programming the unit on your workbench. It has a tamper detection device on it, so if the mounting bracket is not engaged, it will not accept programming. Use the HOME key to back up when programming, and NOT the 'Backup' key (which does not work). This seems strange, but will save hours of frustration. Turn off (or do not turn on) features that you do not use. Otherwise, the trouble alert will go off. If you do not use the phone line, turn off feature 5.33, otherwise the trouble alert will come on. When defining the zone types (4.33), type 13 'interior' is not described in Appendex D. It is for labeling (deactivating) the interior zones when using the 'Home' alarm. Keep good records on where the sensors are placed, as the trouble alerts give the zone number, so you can track down the problem. Recording speech feature is mislabeled in the manual. It should be 4.9, not 4.8 (go to the next option on the list to find it). Keep the batteries fresh. However, they are real expensive! When you get through the programming, you will have a great wireless system. John in Michigan

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19. Anonymous User on 1/16/2012, said:

I have had this system in my home for about 6 years now and continue to enjoy the low maintenance, reliable security that it offers. Many of my sensors still have the original batteries in them.

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20. Anonymous User on 1/12/2012, said:

I've been very happy with my purchase. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no problem installing the system and enrolling 4 additional wireless devices and a remote keypad. Knowing that I prefer to read manuals, rather than watching instructional videos, I opted not to use the video. (I actually watched about 5 minutes of the video after installing the system, and I'm glad that I chose to use the manual. Of course, others may prefer the video to the manual.) The installer manual was very easy to follow and very logical. I spent approximately 1 hour programming the panel. Since I live in an older home and I did not want to modify my door trim to accept the sensors, installing the them took a bit of creativity and more time than would probably take in a modern home. The siren on the panel is very loud, but I have disabled it in favor of external sirens to make it more difficult for a would-be burglar to find the panel. I called technical support regarding an issue not related* to my Visonic system, and the representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. *I was having a problem with a siren made by GE.

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