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Visonic MCT-234 4 Button Miniature Wireless Keyfob Transmitter

Visonic MCT-234 4 Button Miniature Wireless Keyfob Transmitter
Manufacturer:  Visonic Security Systems  SKU:  MCT234
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21st Century Simplicity from Visonic

It's a good time to be alive. You can watch movies on your phone, you can install a virtual navigator in your car, and now you can even control your home security system from the palm of your hand. The MCT-234 is a miniature PowerCode 4-button transmitter with capabilities far more powerful than its compact size might suggest.

Ultimate Convenience at a Superior Price

Designed for use with alarm and remote control systems like Visonic's PowerMax series and MAX-20MC, this innovative key fob provides an affordable and user-friendly solution to the tedium of managing an alarm system. For example, let's say that you're hobbling into your house with a heavy bag of groceries on each arm. Rather than dropping the groceries on the floor to disarm your alarm, you can just squeeze the Disarm button and continue on to the kitchen.

Technology You Can Count On

This key fob features 4 convenient push-buttons to control all major system commands. Whenever one of the buttons is pressed, the MCT-234transmits a Code-Secure digital sequence to the receiver, along with a 4-bit function code associated with the button that was pressed. The transmitter signal is encrypted and changes with every transmission, so your signals are fully secure and "code grabbing" is virtually impossible.


  • Four-button Keyfob
  • Code-Secure Technology
  • Compatible w/ PowerCode Receivers
  • Low Battery Report

Order Yours Today

Convenience, style, reliability. These are the core tenets upon which Visonic has built its business and reputation, and the MCT-234 combines them all in one tiny, affordable package . Home Security Store is pleased to offer this handy device at a price you won't find anywhere else. So order yours today, and take full control of your home security experience.

* 270A 12V alkaline GP ultra can be used for replacement battery

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1. Ray on 12/6/2013, said:

I got 2 of these key fobs with my Visonics Powermax in 3/2003. One of them quit working. On opening it up I found the ground spring on the bottom of the battery had come unsoldered.The other one is working fine after using it every day. I will be ordering 2 new ones.

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2. Garry on 8/2/2013, said:

I have had the Visonic wireless system for at least 5 years and the key fob is the best accessory. They work great and have long battery life. I hope they never stop production.

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3. GS on 7/5/2013, said:

I have used this keyfob with my Visonic system since 11/2007. I works very well. Can arm the system from my car on the street in front of my home. Most times I have to hit the bottom twice to make sure it arms or disarms but my current keyfob is about 3 years old. My first keyfob lasted about 3 years and finally fell apart. I carry on keychain with a lot of other keys, etc. My wife's - carries in her purse - keyfob hasn't worn out or needed a new battery in 6 years. You need to be very careful when you do need to change the battery. I highy recommend this keyfob.

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4. Anonymous User on 4/9/2012, said:

I've had this transmitter for several years now and carry it on my keyring in my pocket everyday. It has held up pretty well and has always functioned. Unfortunately the case separated a few months ago but a little duct taped held it together and it still functioned. This morning the keyring slot gave up the ghost. Snapped a chunk off the back and broke the plastic tab. Still works but is not very functional for me now. I hate that it cost $38 to replace it but I guess that's about a $1 a month. 4 stars because I wish it was designed to be a little more durable and didn't cost so much to replace.

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5. Anonymous User on 6/22/2011, said:

These little guys just work. I have had zero problems with either of my two units in over 5 years. At first glance the chains on them appeared to be a bit "under" engineered but we have never had any issues with them breaking or disconnecting. I think the fact they have a swivel built in adds to their durability. My driveway is about 70ft from my panel which is also on the second floor and these units arm/disarm first press every time.

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6. Scott Frahmann on 4/5/2007, said:

These are great keyfobs. Very functional with the x10 capabilities. The only complaint I have is that 1 of my 2 keyfobs is not transmitting strong after 3 years and I have to replace it now. I tried new batteries with no success. I may have bought weak batteries in the first place, but I am not sure. They are slightly difficult to open/close when replacing the batteries, but still a great keyfob.

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Frequency (MHz)315, 418 and 433.92 (other frequencies according to local requirements)
ModulationAsk (On-Off Keying)
Coding28-bit ID, 4-bit Function Code and 32-bit Rolling Code
Power Supply12V Alkaline Battery, Type A27 or Equivalent
Current Consumption11 mA (During Transmission)
Battery LifeApprox. 1 year (Based Upon Ten one-second transmissions/day)
Battery SupervisionGood battery - LED lights steadily upon transmission
Low battery - LED flickers upon transmission
Note: If transmission is still possible despite the battery condition, the unit will send a low battery signal to the receiver
Operating Temperatures0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Dimensions53.5 x 31.5 x 10.5 mm (2-1/8 x 1-1/4 x 7/16 in.)
Weight (including battery)17.5 g (3/5 oz)
ColorDark gray
StandardsComplies with Part 15 of the FCC rules and also with CE requirements
Installation Manual
Downloads: 835
Size: 362 KB