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KIT32-219 - DSC Power 1832 Wireless Ready Security Kit

KIT32-219 - DSC Power 1832 Wireless Ready Security Kit
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This is Where You Start Building

The DSC 1832 Wireless Ready Security Kit is the ultimate security starter kit, because it features everything you need to masterfully secure your home, along with plenty of room for expansion. Best of all, it delivers the most advanced performance at an unbeatable price.

Everything You Need

The DSC Power 1832 contains a control panel, a keypad and a wealth of important accessories. The control panel powers the system and manages the phone line connection. The keypad arms and disarms the various accessories and enables you to connect with your monitoring company. If it all sounds overwhelming, don't worry. This kit is designed for user-friendly, DIY installation.

Accessories Galore

As far as accessories are concerned, you'll find no shortage in the DSC 1832. Your accessories are what ultimately breathe life into your system, as they work to secure every corner of your home. This kit includes an interior surface mount siren (which is more than capable of waking you from a deep sleep), and a digital PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detector with pet immunity. In addition, you'll receive a plug-in transformer, backup battery and telephone jack and cord. With 8 hardware input zones of coverage, this is a great system for anyone seeking a quality beginner alarm kit.

Ready for Expansion

As previously emphasized, this kit is fully expandable. If you want to improve your coverage with added motion detectors, sensors, keypads or wireless peripherals, you can easily turn your simple system into a home security powerhouse. It supports up to 32 hardwired or wireless zones, and up to 8 keypads. You can find a wealth of these add-on accessories right here at Home Security Store.

The Past and The Present

The DSC Power 1832 is backwards compatible, which means that it will work effortlessly with all of your previous generation modules and keypads. Of course, this model has more than 100 new and innovative features that the old systems do not, so it makes for the perfect home security upgrade.


Among the new products comprising the updated POWERSERIES product platform are three new control panels. Each control panel shares a universal hardware/software design that ensures an equal and rich feature set and easy future expandability. With near limitless capabilities, the control panels seamlessly integrate with our award-winning Internet and network alarm communicators (T-Link), industry-leading visual alarm verification module (VVM110), SKYROUTE wireless alarm communicator and other specialty modules, structured cabling solutions and wireless devices. If you're already a fan of POWERSERIES, the new platform will be an easy transition. Even with all the new features, the traditional programming remains unchanged, as does the installation process.

Features Now Standard throughout the POWERSERIES Platform

  • SIA CP-01 compliant
  • Partitionable auto-arm timer
  • Zone follower output
  • No activity arming
  • Automatic Contact ID
  • Day zone
  • PGM output timer
  • Cross zoning

Features New to the POWERSERIES Platform

  • 500-event buffer
  • Single architectural design for universal feature set
  • Full module compatibility across POWERSERIES platform
  • Retains backward compatibility with all POWERSERIES modules
  • Hardware/Software architecture easily accommodates
  • future expandability
  • Programmable daylight savings time
  • Night zone
  • Time function key

CP-01 Compliant

All POWERSERIES control panels are compliant with the Security Industry Association (SIA) CP-01 standard. As more and more cities begin to incorporate this standard into their alarm ordinances for new installations, the occurrence of invalid alarm activations will be significantly reduced or eliminated.


POWERSERIES control panels are fully compatible-and backward compatible-with all available keypads and modules across the platform.

DSC Part Number: KIT32-219CP01NT

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1. Joseph on 12/20/2013, said:

I agree with the comments that it is more complicated to install than it appears, but with the help of homesecuritystore experts, I was up and running quickly. The only reason for 4/5 stars is that I would suggest the RFK5000 instead of the RFK5500 because it has more functionality. I would highly recommend the envisalink module with this to enable remote arming/disarming as well to make a complete system that's able to be monitored from afar. Thanks again to the experts over the phone for walking me through everything I needed to program this!

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2. Mark on 12/10/2013, said:

A little disappointed with the Home Security Store advice as after two reviews it turns out they were incorrect and I had to order several additional parts at time of installation. I have 15 zones and 4 keypads and was told it would handle everything as-is. However, it turns out I need an expander zone for 8 more zones as the board has only 8 on it. And I went over the board power capacity and needed an add-on Power Supply Module due to load.

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3. Bill on 10/31/2013, said:

DON'T BUY THIS SYSTEM UNLESS YOU ARE A CERTIFIED ALARM INSTALLER. When I purchased this system several months ago I was debating between this and another system. I asked the salesman at the time which system he recommended, he told me both were good systems. He should have warned me and been more helpful with the selection, I'm a little disappointed with Home Security Store for this. This system comes with a useless book and leaves you with programing codes and no explanations. You can go onto some of the forums which do help; however, it is still very confusing.

Security Advisor Comment
Home Security Store.com provides the information needed to guide the consumer in making a more informed purchase decision with systems that supply the able Do-It-Yourself, Novice Installer with the needed Technical Support. With our quality systems and product knowledge, we strive to maintain integrity in this Security industry that keeps the consumer confident in the products & services they receive.

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4. Vinnie on 8/6/2013, said:

This is the most cumbersome and complicated 3 piece system to install and program! It should not come with a 75 page manual for users to be forced to decipher. This requires skills close to "Security Alarm Technician" level, definitely not novice. Unless you want to spend alot of time reading and figuring out things,m buy a simpler system. A full understaning of partitions, zones, wired vs wireless, acronyms, etc. is required prior to install and programming.

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5. Mike on 3/10/2013, said:

The PC1832 kit did take some time to read through all documentation, but it has been worth it. Setup and programming is simple, once you "carefully" read through required documents. I replaced an older wired system, and have a combination of wired and wireless sensors. From my research, this was a good value, and great way to start with what you need, and expand as you wish.

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6. Scott on 2/9/2013, said:

After a lot of research I decided on the DSC Hybrid for two key reasons. It has excellent wireless range and the interface with the Envisalink EVL-3. I can't say enough about the EVL-3 notification (email/text) and the easy networking setup along with awesome customer service (sorry sounds like a commercial) The range of the wireless is good but added the repeater to make it rock solid for the tri-zone sensors using them as a door mag switch and using the extra input for a PIR. The home security store offered the best overall pricing along with great customer service once you reach them. Be prepared to wait on hold for Tech support although it's worth it compared to waiting for an overseas scripted support center. Knocked off a star do to DSC not offering a wireless horn solution for my out buildings. I'll have to find a separate transmit/receive kit to hook up with the PGM output.

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7. Dave on 9/12/2012, said:

I have no prior experience installing alarm systems and I got the basic functionality up and going on my workbench in about an hour. It took a little digging to figure out how to disable the system trying to use the phone line, which I don't have (using a 2DS instead). Also had to figure out which one was the 1k resistor to bypass the siren, but a quick google search gave answers to these questions. It seems a lot of DIYers use this setup, and there is a wealth of knowledge out there on forums. All the parts and pieces and electrical diagrams seem a little daunting at first, but it all goes together easily and works great!

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8. Steve on 8/30/2012, said:

I pulled out an old 2 zone alarm panel we had and replaced it with this one. Even though I used to be an alarm service tech (10 years ago) I was confused a few times with the programming. Because of my background, I was able to figure it out. I think a homeowner will struggle. On the other hand, one of my keypads needed to be initialized and I couldn't find the procedure. I finally called tech support and the tech was friendly, cheerful and extremely helpful. Others have mentioned they called tech support to be walked through programming and were very happy with the results, so I guess that's a viable avenue if you get in over your head. The alarm is very stable. I'm using it with 9 hardwire points (8 on the panel and one on a keypad) plus 10 wireless transmitters. I think it is a very-very good deal for the cost. It does everything, and doesn't break the bank. Plus DSC has been making alarms for a long time now. Glad I bought this package and from the Home Security Store.

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9. Shanna on 8/20/2012, said:

I am a total novice at programming alarm systems, but with the superb help from the technicians at the Home Security Store, I got the system to work with 3 hardwired contacts and 8 wireless contacts. The technicians were patient, respectful, and stayed with me until the job was done right. I recommend their services 100%.

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10. MARK on 7/10/2012, said:

Get the EnvisaLink 2DS with this and get text alerts and remote arm your system! Awsome!!

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11. Anonymous User on 4/27/2012, said:

Well today i was able to get my system installed. From start to finish i spoke with some great and helpful employee's of Home Security Store. These gentalmen, Steve from sales at ext. 202, and Jeff Mays from techical support are in my opinion the best people to assist me with my alarm systems because they were patient with me. If i had to say anything it would not be about the help i received it would be to make sure you go threw every accessories because you dont know what you may need. I needed to purchase a lock for the box and a DSL alarm filter. So far so good Im very happy with this system.

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12. Chuong on 3/21/2012, said:

Replaced an existing Brinks/Honeywell system with this. All the zones wired up just fine. System is running great is the attached Envisalink 2ds. Manual is hard to understand so ditch it and use the guide provided in the forums.

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13. Ike on 1/20/2012, said:

I recently upgraded to the 1832 panel because I wanted the wireless capability. I have installed a couple of the 1832 v4.2 for others and had no problem using the DLS2002 software. However, the PC1832 system board that came with the setup was v4.5. I have not been able to find the drivers needed for a PC1832 v4.5, the highest available driver pack for PC1832 via www.homesecuritystore.com website is v4.2. I spoke with a customer representative and they said what is there is what you get. Other than not being able to configure the panel via PC, the text keypad is defiantly a plus while configuring w/o a software interface.

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14. Dustin on 11/29/2011, said:

This is a very nice basic hardwire alarm system with wireless capability also. Too bad the security store doesn't list it in hardwire alarms or more people would probably buy it. I added some hardwire motion detectors, smoke detectors, glassbreak detectors and door contacts. All were easily wired with no prior knowledge of such things. The videos found in tech support are great. Sensors were wired with 22/4 and 22/2 wire sold here. Then all you need is 18/2 thermostat wire for the transformer and some 16/2 or 14/2 for the siren. My only complaint is the LC-100 motion detector that comes with the package, just plan on replacing that right away. Otherwise 5 star.

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15. Chad on 10/18/2011, said:

We had someone break in our house, and decided that we needed a security system. I chose this system because it allows you to have both wired and wireless sensors. The wireless receiver is built into the RFK5500 (hence the RF "radio frequency" I’d guess). It took me a few nights after work to get it all hooked up. I ended up purchasing this kit, 5 BS-2033 wired senors, a roll of 22/4 wire, and a roll of 22/2 wire, 5 WS4945 wireless sensors, a SD30W loud siren, and the CAMLOCK to have a locking key for the cabinet. Also, and notably, I added the EnvisaLink 2DS, from Eyez-On. This device goes right into the panel, and hooks up to your internet connection, and allows the system to be controlled over the internet, and includes the ability to send you a text message, or an email, or both, for different alarm notifications. Since I do not have a home phone, the EnvisaLink 2Ds is a great add on available with the DSC 1832. Installation was straight forward. I spent a lot of time in my attic, stringing wires to a closet. I installed an outlet near the closet, in the attic, and ran the wire (not included, 18 gauge lamp cord) down to the panel, through some PVC conduit, so that it would look nice, and be protected. I put the panel near our most used door, and ran the 22/4 wire back to the panel. I also used the 22/4 wire to reach the motion sensor in the garage. I used 16 gauge speaker wire (also not included) to hook up both the indoor siren, and the larger siren (installed in the attic, facing out of a vent). I just put both of the sirens on the +/- bell outputs, and they both work fine. Programming was not too difficult for me. You must read the manual, and take the time to understand it. If you are having trouble, there are online forums out there that can help you. I did not need to call the homesecuritystore (yet). To be fair, I did not program the phone communications, so that could be harder. Setting up the internet enabled EnvisaLink 2DS was a breeze, just follow the few directions that come with it. When it comes to programming your wireless sensors, start with zone 9, so that if you ever want to add more to your hardwired system, you can. And, remember to add the wireless attribute to the zone, as well as assign it as a delay or instant, or what not. When installing the resistors, be sure to put them at the end of the line. They fit just fine inside the little wired sensors. I used some shrink tubing to cover the splices. The idea is that if you put them at the end of your line, the system will detect if your line has been cut, or spliced together, negating the sensor all together. It is a little more work than just sticking them in the panel, but provides a lot of protection. I am happy so far with this kit. It has brought the peace of mind that I was hoping for.

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16. Robert on 10/9/2011, said:

This is a great system that you can easily expand. It actually comes with a RFK5500-ENG instead of a RFK-5500, which is better in my opinion. The ENG model has English words on the right-side function keys instead of symbols, which I think makes it easier to understand. It's very easy to program from this keypad; just make sure you completed the worksheet first. DSC wireless devices are very easy to add to this system.

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17. Anonymous User on 10/7/2011, said:

I called ADT and got an estimate and was only offered enough equip. to cover 5 win./door entries and 2 motions detectors.Well my home has 16 win./door entries.So discussing this with the sales rep he wanted to charge me $120 dollars per extra win./door entry wireless sensor.which would have cost me over $1000 dollars.when i started researching these wireless sensors and found out they were really only $29 dollars each.So needless to say i told him to go Fxxx himself and to have a nice day.I discovered this DSC 1832 Hybrid alarm system which was a fraction of the cost that ADT was trying to scam me out of.The install was a breeze as long as you can look at picture diagrams and have some sort of handyman common sense.This system offers lifetime tech support which means maybe you will be on hold for 20 minutes but tech support was exellent.They will walk you through programing and are pretty friendly too.Also after you get your system installed you can get it also monitored by your company of choice for a better rate and contract term than if you went and had the monitoring company install your system and rape you monthly on your bill.Overall this is a great system.I saved about a grand ($1000.00)

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18. Anonymous User on 3/21/2011, said:

nice buy. used for almost 8 months now withou any problem. Great customer support and easy to install. I saved a lot by going through this route. Hope it would save money.

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19. Damon on 5/26/2010, said:

I bought this to replace my GE NX-8 system that I had been locked out of. This system can be manually reset at the board which I really like. It can also be programmed to call a cell phone and give a tone pattern of zone. The different chimes per zone is also a great feature but unfortunately the log is nearly worthless. It is a little difficult to program and the siren is not loud but otherwise a nice looking system that seems to work well. I just wish there were more custom chimes and better logging. I have not tried the wireless sensors yet.

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20. Franklin on 4/14/2010, said:

This kit is great because you get the best of both worlds, wired and wireless. I had an existing Radionics alarm system with existing wired door contacts, window contacts, glass break sensors, motion sensors, horn, and 4-wire keypad wiring. I was able to reuse ALL of my existing hardwired devices. I was able to plug in the panel and keypad as a drop-in replacement. Now that I have the base system installed, I can upgrade new devices and wireless devices. I've already added a wireless key fob, and plan to order some wireless smoke detectors. I highly recommend this kit because it has the RFK5500 keypad, which gives you wireless capabilities. But the real advantage to the 5500 keypad is the Plain English Programming. It is very user friendly to program with this keypad, because the plain English prompts you through the programming process. The receiver portion of the keypad seems to have good range. I have the keypad in an upstairs bedroom, and am able to use the wireless key fob in the 1st floor garage. I walked all over a large two story house, and get good signal all over the house, and immediately outside the house. The included siren is not very loud and for interior use, the siren would be okay for a condo or apartment. For a single family home, you probably would want to order an exterior loud decibel siren to mount outside. The door to the cabinet doesn't stay shut by itself. So you may want to order the Camlock accessory. Otherwise you have to use two small screws in the pre-drilled holes in the door to secure the door so it doesn't flap open. That is what I did, and it works fine. Three recommendations I have if you buy this system. (1) Read the included manual cover-to-cover. (2) Fill out the worksheets. (3) Set the system up on a bench, and bench test and program, before you install it. Doing these three things will give you a very good understanding of the system, and will make the final installation a breeze.

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Main Control Panel Features

Features PC1832
On-board Zones 8
Hardwired Zones 32 (3 x PC5108)
Wireless Zones 32
Keypad Zone Support Yes
On-board PGM Outputs PGM 1 = 50 mA
PGM 2 = 300 mA
PGM Expansion 8 x 50 mA (PC5208)
4 x 500 mA (PC5204)
Keypads 8
Partitions 4
User Codes 32+ Master Codes
Event Buffer 500 Events
Battery Required 4 Ah / 7 Ah / 14 AHr
Bell Ouput 12 V / 700 mA (cont)


Power Supply 16.5 VAC/40 VA @ 60 Hz
Current Draw (Panel) 110 mA (Nominal)
Auxiliary + Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/550 mA
Bell Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/700 mA
Operating Environment 32° to 120° F
(0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 93%
PK5508 - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $48.77
Qty:    Add
PK5516 - DSC 16 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $52.72
Qty:    Add
LCD5511 - DSC Icon LCD Keypad
Sale! $51.21
Qty:    Add
LED5511Z - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $43.53
Qty:    Add
PC1555RKZ - DSC 8 Zone LED Keypad
Price: $43.57
Qty:    Add
PK5500 - DSC Custom English LCD Keypad
Price: $104.69
Qty:    Add
PK5501 - DSC Fixed LCD Keypad
Price: $52.91
Qty:    Add

WS4939 - DSC Wireless Key Fob
Price: $28.93
Qty:    Add
WS4949 - DSC 2-Button Keyfob
Sale! $24.49
Qty:    Add
WS4945 - DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter
Price: $29.43
Qty:    Add
WS4985 - DSC Wireless Flood Sensor
Sale! $42.60
Qty:    Add
WLS914-433 - DSC Wireless Pet-Immune Infrared
Price: $101.01
Qty:    Add
WS4916 - DSC Wireless Smoke Detector w/ Heat
Price: $67.50
Qty:    Add
WS4979 - Wireless 4-Button Wall Plate
Price: $38.13
Qty:    Add
3G2060R – DSC Wireless Alarm Communicator
Price: $176.95
Qty:    Add
WS4920HE - DSC Wireless Repeater Module
Sale! $92.90
Qty:    Add
LDM-15 – Evolve LDM-15 Z-Wave Lamp Module
Sale! $45.20
Qty:    Add

C24-HUB – DSC Gateway Module
Price: $186.96
Qty:    Add
PC5961 - DSC 2-Way Audio Verification Station
Sale! $24.50
Qty:    Add
RM2 - EOL Power Supervision Module
Sale! $16.75
Qty:    Add
PC5601 - DSC Tri Status Module
Price: $18.89
Qty:    Add
PRM2WC - DSC Polarity Reversal Module
Price: $26.67
Qty:    Add
PRM4WC - DSC Polarity-Reversal Module
Price: $26.67
Qty:    Add
PC5204 - DSC Power Supply Module
Price: $64.91
Qty:    Add
PC5108 - DSC 8 Zone Expander Module
Price: $32.99
Qty:    Add
Price: $1.95
Qty:    Add
PCLINK-SCW - DSC Computer Interface
Price: $12.86
Qty:    Add
XR-1640LED - 16.5 40VA Transformer
Price: $12.00
Qty:    Add
Price: $6.00
Qty:    Add
PC5002C - DSC Cabinet for PC5204
Price: $12.36
Qty:    Add
PC5003C - DSC Cabinet
Sale! $16.00
Qty:    Add

(1) Power1832 Alarm Control Panel - Cabinet 9.25 x 8.25 x 3
(1) RFK5500ENG - LCD Full-Message Keypad w/ Wireless Receiver
(1) LC-100-PI - Digital PIR Detector w/ Pet Immunity
(1) 16V40VA Plug-in Transformer
(1) BD4-12 12V, 4Ah Backup Battery
(1) SD-15 15-Watt Interior Surface Mount Siren
(1) RJ31X Telephone Jack and Cord
User Guide
Downloads: 871
Size: 1732 KB

Reference Manual
Downloads: 1198
Size: 4071 KB

Installation Manual
Downloads: 4809
Size: 803 KB