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BV600 - DSC Dual PIR Motion

BV600 - DSC Dual PIR Motion
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The Bravo 6 is a specialized twin dual PIR motion sensor which emphasizes immunity from false alarms caused by pets. The Bravo 6 is equipped with a specially designed lens which enables the detector to discriminate between humans and small to mid-sized pets.

Exceptional design care and factory testing ensure years of trouble free performance. Immunity against false alarms from RF, static, electrical transients and white light are all DSC designed in features.

Multi-Level Signal Processing, temperature compensation and large multi-beam lens design means the human target will not slip by unnoticed even on a hot summer day.

Wall or corner mounting and vertical adjustment provide application versatility, and your client will appreciate the small size and elegant simplicity of the case design.


  • Immune to pets under 2.5 ft/0.75 m (up to 85 lbs/38 kg)
  • Microprocessor based
  • Advanced Multi-Level Signal (MLS) Processing
  • Twin, dual element, low noise sensors
  • High level static protection
  • High level transient protection
  • UV stable lens
  • High level of white light immunity
  • Excellent RF immunity
  • DSC Temperature compensation circuitry
  • Harsh/Normal environment jumper
  • LED on/off jumper
  • Vertical adjustment
  • SMD construction
  • Super quiet operation
  • Wall/Corner mounting
  • Blends with any decor
  • Compact size
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1. Anonymous User on 11/14/2011, said:

I do not have any pets to trip this alarm however, I have 4 of these motion detectors in my house for over a year now and I had 0 false alarms from them. I am also using one of these at work with a camera system. The motion detector is in a trailer outside and has never had a false alarm either.

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2. Justin on 6/23/2010, said:

If you don't have a pet, it works great. If you have a pet, the "pet immunity" functionality can fail if your pet decides to run.

Security Advisor Comment
To understand why a pet immunity detector falses, you have to understand how: 1. How motions work 2. How pet immunity motions differ. 1. If you look through the lens of a PIR you'll see it's like looking through a grid. That means the protected area is broken into small spaces that are monitored. When a person moves through the protected area, the heat they give off is measure against the heat of that space prior to the change. If enough spaces have a temperature change, it triggers the alarm. 2. Pet Immune detectors are the same except that the spaces are elongated horizontally near the floor and vertically higher up. Complex programming determines how many spaces and in what manner differentiates between a human or animal. Now imagine how many spaces are violated and their position when a human walks through the room. You'll have many vertical spaces violated and less horizontal spaces violated. When an animal walks through, it's the opposite. Animals walk on four legs creating a horizontal picture and we (depending on how good the party was) usually walk on two creating a vertical picture. Even when we try crawling on our knees, our horizontal picture is elongated compared to an animal (their tails are not part of the IR picture). So, what if your dog was jumping up? Their IR picture could change from horizontal to vertical. This is why you can have a single 80lb dog that won't trip the motion yet two 15lb cats will. This is further highlighted the closer the animal is to the motion. Since the "beams" all originate from the same 1/8 inch square, movement 1 foot away will cover all the beams, while movement at 65 feet may not even impact one beam. Confused? It gets better. These beams also drop over distance, so a beam that was starting at 8' off the ground at the motion could end up being 4' off the ground at 45 feet. Pet immune motions have built in processors that evaluate all these IR changes and using a complex program, determines if it's man or beast. Generally with good accuracy. All this goes out the window when things aren’t right. Low temperatures can cause a small IR temperature change to seem bigger and that could fit within the human versus dog scenario to the motion. How secure the unit is mounted also makes a big difference. A slight movement of the motion is magnified as it moves away from the mounting location. You can have a single IR heat source occupying one space to that motion, which wouldn't cause an alarm, but if the motion is vibrated, that single space is swiped across several spaces, causing an alarm. Many times when talking about garages, workshops or other nonliving" spaces, it may not be the dog, but rather something else that got in to the space, mouse, bird, insect, etc. Do this; arm that area without the dog for a day or two. If it trips, you know it's not the dog.

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Operating voltage 9.5 VDC to 14.5 VDC
Supply voltage ripple 3.0 VP-P @ 12 VDC
Stand-by current 16.5 mA
Current in alarm (LED on) 17.5 mA
Contact rating (alarm & tamper) 100 mA @ 24 VDC
Alarm contact resistor in common 28 ohm 0.25 W
Operating temperature 32°F to120°F / 0°C to 49°C
Storage temperature -40°F to140°F / -40°C to 60°C
Operating humidity 5% to 93% RH non-condensing
Storage humidity up to 99% RH non-condensing
Radiated RF immunity 20 V/m with 80% AM over range, 27MHz to 1.0GHz
Conducted RF immunity 10V with 80% AM over range 150kHz to 80MHz
Static immunity 15 kV
Transient immunity 2.4 kV @ 1.2 joules
Walk detection speed 0.5'/s to 10'/s (0.15 m/s to 3 m/s)
Coverage angle (wall/wall lens) 100° maximum
Vertical adjustment +2° to -5°
Mounting heights 7' to 10.5' / 2.1m to 3.2m (nominal 7.5' / 2.3m)
DMC - DSC Ceiling Mounting Bracket
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DMW - DSC Wall Mounting Bracket
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